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User Info: MGSKojima

7 years ago#1

Q:  I noticed that there's a huge number of white symbols in Journey. Do these translate into specific letters or words?

A: The symbols are actually all related to each other, but they do not create an alpha-numeric language that can be translated. They are more fictional.

Q: I just finished the game yesterday, and was absolutely blown away and brought to tears by the last act. I had no idea that the other characters were actual psn players. Apparently it's common knowledge, but was there ever a plan to keep that a secret? Or did you know that would be almost impossible?

A: another great question! We did actually discuss keeping this secret but after a long discussion, we decided that it would be a pretty strange thing to try and keep quiet. :D

Q: Love the game, are you considering making DLC I would love to continue the journey!

A: no DLC planned! It's pretty complete as it is!

Q: Will you be releasing Flower or Journey on PC or Mac?

A: No, Journey and Flower are Playstation Exclusive

Q: How is Journey animated? I've never seen visuals quite like it. It's like cel shading and photorealism had a fantasy lovechild.

A: the game was created and animated using Maya... but we have some special techniques for lighting and visual effects that create the game's unique look

Q: How important do you think is the segmenting of the game into levels, to create a feeling of progress?

A: it was definitely something we thought about a lot. Early in the development, the game was much more continuous - the breaks between areas were not as clear. And it didn't work as well!

Q: Was it a challenge for the team to simulate the sand and snow so well in Journey?

A: It is. The look and feel of the sand took us at least a year to get it right. The look of snow is somewhat easier since we can tweak sand to look white and less fluid.

Q: Did you guys consider making the game primarily controlled by sixaxis ala Flow and Flower, or did you want it the be controlled directly from the start?

A: We tried to keep it just sixaxis - but people kept asking for thumbstick!

Q: What was the inspiration behind the character's look? Is the scarf something symbolic that you wanted to put across to the player?

A: we started with a muscular character and he's more ninja like, but very quickly we feel it's not right since it makes you want to be very action oriented. Then we changed the design of the character, we removed his arms so you don't expect action when you see another player. We made the character gender neutral.

Q: What came first, the art, music or gameplay? They all work together so seamlessly it's amazing!

A: Matt listened to Austin's music to get inspired, so a lot of the art came from the music!

Q: Why did you choose for the players to not be able to communicate via text or microphone?

A: we feel if player can chat and talk, they will take the player out of the world of Journey and start to behave against the law of Journey. And that will work against the mood and ethics of the game.

Q: Did Journey use all the PS3 power ? I was thinking of the latest tech demo of David cage called Kara which is render in realtime

A: Yes, we have learned a lot from Flower, so we are using the full cell processor this time in Journey.

Q: Did you reference any cultures in particular for the look of the architecture and writing in the game?

A: Yes, Matt was very inspired by Turkish, Greek, Egyptian and Mayan architecture!

Q: You should bring Journey to the PSVita

A: currently there are no plans to bring Journey to any console except the PS3

Q: How did you decide when a new player appears ?

A: we choose the timing based on the physical distance. It can't be too far or too close :)

Q: What influenced the design of the main character and why does she have no feet?

A: she used to have feet. But then we realized her feet doesn't align with the ground very well. And it will take a lot of man power to make it work as well as Uncharted 3. So we decided to cut the feet :P

Q: What were some of the games that inspired you while making journey?

A: shadow of the colossus, ico and endless forrest are the most close inspiration

Q: Is the short duration of the game part of the concept?Are you formally contesting the duration of the games?

A: we learn from film, when you keep player in front of the screen too long, they have to have a break. The idea is to build up an emotion and let it explode in one sitting.

Q: how many character design stages did the primary character go through?

A: We had about 4 major changes to the character over the course of the game!

Q: was creating a game narrative without using text or speech challenging or liberating?

A: it was both!

Q: Why did you choose the name of the game to be " Journey" ?! I know it's really a journey while playing but is this the reason ?!

A: We started the game based on the concept from Joseph Campbell's work on the Hero's Journey. But our player is not an action hero, it's a normal person. Journey is the most accurate name for the game imo.

Q: did you intend for the multiplayer aspect of this game to be so rewarding. i mean the bond you develope with your companion and the way it enriches the experience. or was that just sort of a happy accident?

A: Yes, our idea was from the very start to make a game where the other player improved your experience - instead of making it more stressful or worse!

Q: are you releasing an official explanation of the ending??

A: absolutely not. We want people to be able to take away their own personal feelings, message, and meaning from the game!

Q: What was the biggest challenge you overcame when developing Journey?

A: Our own self-doubt, and concerns that Journey wouldn't be as good as we hoped!

Q: How would you describe Journey to someone who has never experienced a game like it?

A: Journey is a walk to the mountain - and along the way you may meet a likeminded stranger.

Q: is the game suitable for all ages?

A: It is rated as 10+, since there is some scary parts.

Q: Are you ever going to do a big budget game? I'd love a game with countless hours of gameplay.

A: We value being small, being able to communicate rapidly and to make a lot of progress using tools and tech.

Q: Do you plan on sticking with making downloadable titles or do you think TGC will eventually release a disc-based game?

A: We feel that downloadable/online titles are the future!

User Info: Ryouh

7 years ago#2
i really do hope they keep these kinds of games coming. I'm sure i'll never have another experience quite like journey, even from TGC, but their games are really just awe inspiring.
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User Info: mtb0minime

7 years ago#3
Thanks for sharing. I really like TGC's attitude and outlook on games, especially the design and systems behind it all.
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