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User Info: FerretGamers

7 years ago#1
I'm surprised there is no interest in this game. I've got my copy coming tomorrow from Amazon. I really enjoyed Lego Rock Band. Of course, I'll always enjoy spiritual sequels to Amplitude and Frequency.

User Info: littleloyd

7 years ago#2
I am going to get this game as well it isnt that bad people should give this version a chance
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User Info: Prestoff

7 years ago#3
Because the other Rock Band 3 games are far superior, but this is a nice edition to the DS. I'm thinking about renting it. If the game has the songs I really like, I might buy it.
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User Info: littleloyd

7 years ago#4
take a look at my previous post for setlist
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User Info: Retrostarman87

7 years ago#5
Is this version any good? I'm getting the Wii version, and I was wondering if it would be worth getting the ds version, since I'm on the go quite often. I have never play Freqency or the sequel or played Lego Rock Band on ds or Rock Band Unplugged, but is it different from the console version?
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User Info: BDSM

7 years ago#6
I think it's kind of hurt by releasing with the 3 console versions. Most people are going to get a copy for their 7th gen home console of choice.
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User Info: supercammando

7 years ago#7
How is this compared to Lego RB on DS?

More or less songs? I forget the song count in Lego RB. I've had fun with it but I like the song list in RB 3 more.

More goals and stats? If Lego RB kept more song stats I'd play it more. Things like how many times you've played each song, at what level, your best score for each song at each level, number of fails, favorite song, favorite instrument (the instrument you do best tapping with), etc, etc. I always come back to play games that track stats.

Sound quality... better, worse or the same as Lego RB?

Any other features in this game that isn't in Lego RB?
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