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User Info: littleloyd

7 years ago#1
25 songs, all master recordings from top artists. Fall 2010 retail street date. Nintendo DS EXCLUSIVE. 8 distinctive gameplay modes. 100 career goals planned. 100+ unique clothing pieces allow for tons of character customization. 10 unique venues.

Key Features
Stylish interface and shell put users into the Rock Band universe like never before - New Narrative Experience – Vignette system. Short scenes that tell the story of your band from local legends to world famous rock stars
Engaging Beatmatch gameplay unique to the Rock Band 3 DS - A return to the more traditional phrase based scoring of previous Harmonix titles. Co-op multiplayer returns along with new competitive multiplayer!
Road Challenge and Career Modes provide users deep gameplay variety - Road Challenges are a focused set of songs and challenges over a set number of venues. Goal based career system caters to the hardcore/full completion users
Some songs will support keyboard sections on the guitar track
Create bands and characters with more customization options than ever before
Gameplay Modes
Eight distinctive play modes for users to explore.
Normal mode – challenging mode where you have to switch between bass/drum/vocal/guitar tracks over distinctive “phrases”
Pro Mode – keep all instruments at a high performance state without the pre-defined “phrase” markers
Party Shuffle – Let the game randomly pick tracks for you to play
Road Challenge Mode – Go on one of ten tours with your band with unique gameplay challenges to test your skill
Career Mode – A comprehensive system of 100 goals for players to complete across all modes of play
Co-Op Multiplayer (ad hoc) – Up to four players can jam together on a song
Competitive Multiplayer (ad hoc) – Two players go head to head with the much anticipated return of competitive multiplayer to a Rock Band hand held SKU
Tutorial – learn the basics of Rock Band and how to play, also practice on any difficult with the fear of failing out.

Got this from http://e3.nintendo.com/ds/game/?g=rb3
WTF is a Troll

User Info: missonrs

7 years ago#2

great find. too bad it's not for the 3ds though

User Info: littleloyd

7 years ago#3
thanks man
WTF is a Troll
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