What Happened: Does Twisted Metal Car Customizer Still Work, (Online)?

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User Info: Juggernaut30

7 months ago#1
I saw a thing on the web about Twisted Metal (2012) and evidently, players of the game with a psn account can log into twistedmetal.com site, and either, download customized vehicle skins for the game, or, create one of their own.
Question is: what happened, 'cause, I went to it with my PS3 slim 160 gig, and guess what? I get nothing but a white screen and "The page cannot be displayed". That's along with an error code, (80710102). This is at, "www.twistedmetal.com/customizer" 'cause I heard about it on youtube, then decided to Google "Twisted Metal Car Customizer site". However, I can't access it with a PC, PS3, PS4, or anything else - is the site gone?! As a small opinion, if it is down, I think whoever took it down, needs to put it back up. Reason: "I know (duh) that, that particular move made people mad, who like and play twisted metal, and want something different-looking on their vehicles.*

User Info: BladeAngel7

7 months ago#2
Sad to say, the site went down because of some rumor that the game wasnt going to last.
PSN: BladeAngel7
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User Info: Jcub95

7 months ago#3
Interestingly enough, those that happened to have the skins prior to the takedown went through a time period where they couldn't use their main accounts anymore and were forced to resort to alternate accounts just to play with their respective clans. Later on they fixed this issue, and then It bugged out again, then It was fixed once more. Needless to say, some people retained their skins, others can't even sign Into that account to this day. How or why? We don't really know. It was something to do with the website server no longer existing, thus sort of suspended In a somewhat "limbo" stage, while the in-game server which was designed to sync to this was attempting to connect to it even though obviously the errors would be self explanatory at this point. Others and myself have also concluded that It could have to do with those who didn't have the disc version of TM anymore, and were using the digital download version, or someone who would use another PS3, and therefore have to reinstall the updates and whatnot, throwing them In a haywire loop when you tried to connect to that account with the game thinking there Is still a skin server. In my case, when I sign into the account, log in to TM, and go to the custom skin page, It WILL recognize I have skins attached to the in-game account server, however (as I vaguely stated above), there will appear a screen "Downloading Death Warrant 1" and the Download bar will remain there empty, with no progress forcing me to actually quit the game just to leave that page.
PSN: Jcub95 - ===eXodus===
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User Info: MelodicMizery

7 months ago#4
the website went down within about a year of the game being released. leaving people like me unable to even play the game. i keep coming back to it trying diff ways and almost nothing works. i have 2 trophies left that wouldnt pop and its infuriating. be lucky that you didnt have custom skins

on my 60gb when i login, twisted metal will red light death my ps3 instantly, disc and digital.
on my super slim, it will kick me out of the network disc and digital

it keeps trying to connect to the website to load the skins and bugs my game out and tries to kill my ps3. i remember the first year it was out it was actually killing ps3 phats left and right

like the guy said above it did work agin for a small time, at that time i wish i would of somehow been able to delete all the custom skins. then it stopped working again.

jaffe left the company before the game was even released. the game did have about 4 or 5 patches, but unfortunately for us jaffe is so dumb that instead of fixing the login issues and trophy glitches he instead fixed things like "lowering homing missle damage" something NOBODY complained about once. i know because i use to be on the official forum everyday.

ive been trying everything to get this game to work on disc or digital, deleting saves, game data, demo data, loading old saves, having only one installed, saving each skin as plain normal hoping that custom skins dont load. nothing works

the only way i can get my main name to work, is if i use my super slim ps3, on a new name, and then log my main name in as the 2nd controller.

but then theres the other issue of, the stats glitch. nobody knows for sure if your stats are saved in your save file, or the server. but it seems the server was connected to the website which doesnt exist. and then there is the issue of your stats only count if your the host, which seems to be a theory that has worked for half people. after putting in like 60 hours into the online play i tried boosting with 3 friends who all had 2 controllers. 2 of my friends got the platinum while me and the other guy didnt. and we all switched hosting so that didnt seem to matter even though ive read that you have to be host.

so who knows this game has so many issues. i have a video where my car actually DUPLICATED as another player. i wasnt even playing split screen. somehow the game made 2 accounts of my same name and had it logged into the game. it was invisible to everyone but me i guess. i could kill it and get points it was the weirdest glitch i ever saw.

i also had another glitch on nuke where the camera angle was pointed at the side on my car and i saw everything sideways lmao

this game was by far the most buggiest glitchiest broke game i ever seen in my life.

be lucky you werent one of the unfortunates like me who bought it on release day and got plauged with issues. i think it even contributed to killing my other 40gb phat after red lighting it so many times because it wasnt even that old of a system at the time
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