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User Info: Vadimony

11 months ago#1
Greetings and salutations, I'd like to try and forward an idea... We should attempt to stage a few matches with this mode. Maybe a day per week or so, we jump on and play Nuke together.

It'd be ideal if we got about 10 to 12 people online to play together, as anything lower tends to be boring for Nuke.

Settings could be:
Variation - Stationary + 1 or 2 Mobiles
Hits Per Inning - 2 or 3, unless we want to up this and see how many scores we can get...
Innings - 3 or 5
Clock - 3 to 5 minutes
Leaders - 2 or 3
Spawn Rule - Either
Map: Diablo Pass will likely be least played. Due to the glitch.
Sunsprings, Metro, Watkyn's Harbor, Skyline, and Diesel are likely to be the rotation... Thrills if we want to and Blackrock if we want to. Obviously, one is too big and the other is much smaller.
Weapon Mods - no altercations... i.e. no unlimited or specific weapons. just default.
Health Grant - either
No traffic, pedestrians (lags the game up more)
Indicators - default
Friendly Fire - either
Respawn Duration - 10 or 20 seconds

Vehicle Restrictions:
Juggernaut and Talon - 1
Sweet Tooth - 2

No restrictions on KK/CF/Reaper usage.
No restrictions against rigging the launchers either.

However, we can play the traditional mode where we're limiting ourselves, and whatnot.

I'd like to play Nuke where we can play as we please, and such. Could be fun!


If you guys want to try and set up some games, then feel free to post up the interest. Thanks again, and hopefully we could get that 2012 summer feeling of playing Nuke with 6 vs 6 lobbies or 7 vs 7. And decently skilled players at that.
Farewell. :)

User Info: PlatinumPlayer3

11 months ago#2
I'd be down, 5-8PM ET is best for me. In my opinion, I'd like to see a ban on Reaper RPG rigging the launchers but that's me. The other settings are good.

You never know how long the servers will be running; that's always in the back of my mind.
PSN: PlatinumPlayer3; Co-Leader of H2K

User Info: Donielle_Dee

11 months ago#3
If people are interested, count me in. :) I'm available most nights.
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User Info: Vadimony

11 months ago#4
I ended up getting a 7 vs 7 room up like a day ago with Campoy present along with some other Nuke-only players from blackfiredm's clan. It was probably the first time in like 3 or 4 years that either Campoy or I have played in a 7 vs 7 Nuke game. Makes you wonder... Also, it's probably been 3 years since I really played Nuke in the first place. Was fun trying to flamesaw Nukes, rigging the launchers a few times, and getting spammed by a Crimson Fury's flamethrower that does damage through walls again (makes me remember why people banned that special attack against Nukes, too) thus blowing up like seven of the Nukes I even got off... All in all, it was a fine first time in ages... Just wish Double-Penalty could have made it. And totally makes me miss Arzharkhel being around--basically, I can't remember not playing Nuke games without Arzy-barzy on my teams. lol.

Although, it was't the most competitive series in Nuke history, it was interesting to play at least one round of interesting Nuke matches--albeit lacking in team chemistry and participation.

However, I can admit, it wasn't easy to fill up the room. I'll host rooms, but most people cannot join them when I host. I don't know why my TM connectivity is contorted (I have a 100% connection anyway), but it has some issues with allowing to join rooms or allowing others to join mine. Nonetheless, I'll try to host rooms despite it--although, it'd probably be better if someone without the same problem frequently hosts rooms.
Farewell. :)

User Info: lcampoy

11 months ago#5
Is there a specific day or time that you host these nuke games?
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