still crashes my ps3 and wont load

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User Info: MelodicMizery

1 year ago#1
i have 2 ps3s, had this game since release day and havent been able to play it for years. i think it has something to do with the website being shut down and my custom skins which were made on the website not loading which causes the game to error and become unplayable

i have the disc and digital version. on one ps3 it totally crashes and flashes lights on the front. on the other ps3 it simply wont connect at all and if i go to skins it gets tuck in a loop.

the last 2 trophies for me never popped. i relaly hate this game. everytime i come back hoping this is fixed it never is. looks like 4 years later if it isnt fixed it wont be.

i guess it works for new players who never played before because i see people still boosting but for us old players we seem to be locked out completely

User Info: goroh16

1 year ago#2
On the PS3 where it can't connect, just make a alt account and it will work.
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  3. still crashes my ps3 and wont load

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