A few things I don't understand

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User Info: Willy_Wackr

1 year ago#1
1. Why the hell is Preacher on the menu screen after you beat the game? What's the purpose? He was totally irrelevant.

2. Why would they throw in those post credit scenes if they don't plan on making a sequel? Way to end the series with teasers. I guess Sweet Tooth is NOT returning for "the fight of his life"

3. Why is Warthog so hard to unlock when it's not even that good?

4. Why is there only deathmatch and endurance in Challenge? What about battle race, electric cage, etc?

I think that about covers it.
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User Info: -AllKnowing-

1 year ago#2
1. Perhaps because you can play as the Preacher Faction in both the Mutliplayer and in Challenge modes.

2. Ending things like that always leaves the door open for sequels. While there is no known sequel in the works at this time, doesn't mean there won't be one someday. Jaffe has made it clear he doesn't intend to work on another TM for the foreseeable future. However, Sony could always pick the series and make something I believe.

3. Never found him hard to unlock.

4. Not sure, but the game was originally designed to just be a Multiplayer PSN game so everything else was added on later. Challenge really just seems tacked on as something extra for the Offline portion of the game.
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User Info: Vadimony

1 year ago#3
Warthog can jump higher than most of the other vehicles in the game, so I would reckon that as extremely useful to those that venture on a vertical approach. In addition, tanking with that Health Point value is quite a useful composition in a team environment--as is the special attack that allows him to emit a trans-plane shockwave that often touches multiple altitudes in an environment.

Of the cast, I always rated Warthog as one of the extremely useful vehicles--in fact, he's far more impacting in the game than say a vehicle like Crimson Fury, Kamikaze, Roadkill, and so on. The rule of vehicle capabilities pretty much worked as follows:

1) Outlaw
2) Shadow
3) Junkyard Dog
4) Warthog/ Darkside/ Sweet Tooth
5) Vermin (more or less)

Outside of the big three, the armor advantage is in a league of its own and would ultimately force those cars to excel anyway. WH, DS, and ST each have their own special qualities that allow them to find effectiveness on the battlefield: I personally would preach that WH's usefulness is more lasting because of his ability to hit more enemies (with less injury to himself) and having more health values (as well as having a better chance to navigate the map with a higher vertical jump) than the other two cars. Although DS has the best offensive capabilities and ST has a ton of Spectre-esque tendencies to him, WH is essentially more balanced than the other two and would rightfully earn the top 6 or 5 accolade in terms of overall capabilities among the vehicles.

It just depends on the desire to make a vehicle more functional than otherwise possible--some can find that grace and others merely burn the car for whatever handicap they find in them.
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User Info: MuddyMaestro

1 year ago#4
Warthog can be very effective, but not until Vad trains you how to properly use it.

Thankfully, he's on call and you can set up training appointments with him, just call 237-873-2737, or for ease of memory, just dial BESTREAPER.
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User Info: BEB22

1 year ago#5
I want tm on ps4 :(
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