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User Info: LonelyGoomba

6 years ago#1
ok now that's the 3ds has been out a while... really, the games not aged too well.
still fun but, the content is tiny and the 3d is sketchy

but still, it's the most intense 3d on the system before they toned it down

User Info: Ducutzu2

6 years ago#2
What are you talking there? This game is great.

User Info: LonelyGoomba

6 years ago#3
it is fun, but should be an eshop game for £5 now.

User Info: Argh4430

6 years ago#4
LonelyGoomba posted...
it is fun, but should be an eshop game for £5 now.

I got mine for about $11, and I feel it's worth that. It's longer than the average eShop game, but it is shorter than some 3DS retail games (that I know of).

User Info: podracer35

6 years ago#5
I got my copy for $5 and I'm perfectly happy with it. Would I pay $40 for it? Hell no! But it's a decent game with a very relaxing feel to it.

Great now I want to play it.... But I have so many other games I should be finishing! O.O
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