Course selection altering cheat

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User Info: Dark-Armed

3 months ago#1
Yesterday when I was playing online, a hacker used a cheat that I haven't seen before. That cheat changes what course other players select to a different course that the hacker wanted. They wanted Toad Circuit, I was glad they didn't want SNES Rainbow Road.

In the past I've been DC'd on SNES Rainbow Road, due to a hacker carpet bombing. That really pissed me off.

I played several races against them, as I was in disbelief that someone came up with a cheat like that. I just hope this cheat doesn't become popular among hackers.
Winner of EPP14,15,16,17,19,20,21 EDC7,10 EExT4,5 ET23,24,25,26,29,31,34 DLCSPT69 7 World & 22 European podium finishes. I like to ace par fours.

User Info: BerryBob

3 months ago#2
Hey, Dark Armed! It's me, berrybob! I'm glad to see you again AND play with you a little ago. (I know you had above 40.000 VR, and we voted for Shy Guy Bazaar together. I was Donkey Kong.)

With your information, now i can understand why those japansese dudes were voting for Toad Circuit. If it's a hacker's fault, he must hate japanese players.

Good thing i'm a brazillian, and a japanese decendant, so he didn't target me.
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