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  3. Just restarted, 4 days in, and I'm kinda starting to hate my layout

User Info: goldengurl20101

1 month ago#1
I lost my original cartridge of ACNL with over 200 hours on it in late 2016, and just rebought it a few days ago. I picked the town layout I thought would be best of the four I was offered, and I’ve been working really hard on my town since I finally got a new cartridge. But... I’m starting to hate the layout.

It’s very much like my old one, which is why I picked it, but the differences are really getting to me. It’s mirrored (beach and museum are on the opposite sides), which I thought I could deal with but everything feels wrong... retail is way further north and there are two small ponds blocking it from the direct line to Main Street. The plaza is in the top left corner, and I can’t stand it... and the flaws with my old map are not helping. And as petty as it is, in every animal crossing town I’ve ever had until now, I’ve had apples. This time it’s oranges, and while that’s not a dealbreaker.. it’s kind of the icing on the cake?

But at the same time, I’ve been pouring so much time into the game that staring over will hurt, and I don’t want that setback to discourage me from playing, I guess. I’ve expanded my house twice, got an exterior and roof I liked, laid out some paths, grown a bunch of hybrids, finished paying off my first PWP (a second bridge), finally unlocked the island.... it’s only four days, but off I’m restarting I need to do it now or never. I like two of my neighbors, Kid Cat and Frank, but I’ve had two others move in that I’m not too fond of and god, I just don’t know what to do. I’m so torn. Does anyone have any advice?

Town layout:
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User Info: ACFreako

1 month ago#2
Ooh. That’s a tough one. Well before starting over, I would consider a few things. #1- would you be willing to let others help you? I can give you bells, hybrids, infinite fruit baskets (including perfect fruit and bamboo) for free. #2- You said you don’t want to let the fact you worked so hard on the town you are in, discourage you from playing if you restart. But think about this: Would the thought of having a better town layout discourage you from playing on your current town too? Plus, if you’re not happy with the four Rover gives you, you could hit the home button and don’t save to continue your search for a good map. #3- Villagers. Villagers are usually the deciding point. Amiibo helps, but there’s risk involved. I have a couple of packs, if you like a villager I could force him or her out of my town and into yours (long story). Anyway, sorry about the long post, hopefully this helps!
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User Info: onehotmama68

1 month ago#3
Also you can find giveaway towns to help with bells, tools, exterior and more.
You can also try to find someone you trust to hold your hybrids and other stuff you want to keep. With so many cycling towns and users with Amiibo cards you'll be able to get the villagers you like fairly quickly.
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User Info: Happy1912

1 month ago#4
I lost my main original town few years back. I understand where you are coming from. Personally, it’s your call. I’ve played since day after launch 2013 with breaks but since losing the original I also lost a second town in the same time.

I’m currently changing things so I have the town and Mayor names from the original town but nothing will ever replace those hours lost.

So if you decide to restart DON’T go for a map similar to that of your original town it’s gonna just bring back memories and things you could’ve done better. If you don’t like the four maps Rover shows don’t be afraid to close the software and start over.

If you choose to keep going make things different from your original town. Be the best mayor those villagers had.

From my view you Do have a choice a hard one at that to look at your previous map and pull out your hair because it seems you cared for that map. It’s just now showing you quirky nature you never saw before.
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User Info: Erukia

1 month ago#5
From personal experience...if you even slightly dislike your layout, it will eat away at you until much, much later when you've made so much progress it'll be ridiculous to reset but you'll do it anyway because you hate that layout so much.

You're less than a week in. Reset.
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User Info: marcuswong

4 weeks ago#6
Also, when restarting, if you do not like any of the 4 presented layouts, just reset to go through the train ride intro again for brand new layout choices.
I did that to get an island/strip of land with no villagers, so I could have my own Mayor island lol.
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User Info: peachytae

4 weeks ago#7
i’ve started my entire town over too. if you don’t like the options rover first gives you then you can close the game and come back. you’re a week in, you can reset and just play for a while more with what you’re satisfied with. btw, i play almost every day and need some friends to play with and go to each other’s towns.

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User Info: Gunbladelad

4 weeks ago#8
I can see one bonus to your town map - you have a private beach. Granted, it's just a small one, but you have a beach that only a player with a wetsuit can reach (without glitches). Those are pretty uncommon.
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User Info: RinnRam

4 weeks ago#9
If I reset every time I slowly started to hate my layout, I would be resetting too many times haha. However, I do understand as I had something very similar happen to me. Part of the fun in Animal Crossing for me is starting, so maybe analyze what you find to be fun and make a choice off of that

User Info: Heliotrope

4 weeks ago#10
This is why I just keep resetting until I find a layout that I love.

I'm hoping the Switch version gives us an even larger number of maps to pick from at the start.
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