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    “Wait, you know what I realized? People always get their powers by following us to the mirror,” Shrina pointed out.

    Rosella thought about it, “Wow, you’re right! We really suck at just walking to the mirror, don’t we? Well, it was also part of the plan. You know I can see all of the futures. If I didn’t let them follow us, then a lot of us would be dead.”

    “So wait, you let me follow you despite you knowing it?” Shrina asked.


    “That kind of creeps me out…”

    “Anyway… My new powers are ice,” Lereline interrupted. “That’s why it was snowing earlier. Apparently, I was stressing out so much that it snowed.”

    “I guess that sort of explains the snow part,” Lazuli said, “But it doesn’t convince me you all have powers.”

    “I swear this happens everytime,” Shrina muttered to Rosella.

    “I know, right?” Rosella agreed. “Well, it doesn’t matter since we need to take them to the mirror anyway. They need some powers too.”

    They all stood up to walk out back to Lereline’s house, except Lereline since she never finished her food. Lazuli and the rest were already out the door.

    “I’ll take it to go! Thanks Brewster!” Lereline yelled in a rushed manner while picking up her food and running after them.

    Rosella’s Point of View

    All of them, except Rosella, ran back to Lereline’s house, and Rosella just hobbled as fast as she could back to the house. They sat down in the living room while Shrina went up to go get the bag of shards. When she came back down, Rosella, Lazuli, Lereline, and Ledger were already sitting in a circle. She dumped the contents of the bag onto the ground and started to piece the mirror back together. Rosella placed the last piece and the mirror sealed itself back together.

    “Well, ladies first,” Ledger said, gesturing to the mirror. Lazuli and Lereline rolled their eyes and jumped into the mirror. Ledger waited for Shrina and Rosella to go, but they waited.

    “Guests first,” Rosella said. Ledger shrugged and jumped in with Shrina following behind. Rosella carefully dropped herself in rather than jumping like the rest of them had.

    The other four each went onto their own little crystal platform and stood there before being taken away by the beam of light. Rosella just chose to go back to the training room. There, Zella was already standing there in her physical form waiting for her.

    “Oh, Zella!” Rosella exclaimed. “I didn't think you'd be out and about like this.”

    “Well, how else would I heal your foot?” Zella asked. Rosella knew that Zella was going to heal her foot because feet in general are very important. Otherwise, everyone would have little stump feet. Ehm, like our animal villagers? Rosella thought thinking to herself. Correction, every person would have little stump feet.

    Rosella snapped out of her own thoughts and answered Zella. “With your powers? You would use your powers whether in your physical form or not, so it really wouldn't matter.”

    “Good point, but I just like to be in this form sometimes. Just let me have this,” Zella said in a lighter, brighter tone. “Well, let's get the healing done with.”

    Zella sat Rosella down on another cloud, and started chanting something really quietly. Rosella's foot screamed in pain for a few seconds before returning to normal.

    “Did that have to hurt so much?” Rosella asked.

    “Hey, this was better for both of us. This way I didn't have to see your foot get amputated, and you didn't have to get your foot amputated,” Zella pointed out. “Either way, Scalatta has given all your friends powers and it's time for you to go. Pack lots of the essentials, you know you'll need it.”

    “I know,” Rosella said while walking out of the training room. She already knew how long this entire trip would be. It would make it shorter if they split into two groups, but it would be more risky.

    A)Split into two groups and take the risk
    B)Stay safe and stay in one
    Note: This does affect how long everything's going to be. XD
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