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    Shrina’s stomach rumbled and so did Lereline’s. “Um… Can we go get food first?” Shrina suggested.

    “Food sounds great right about now,” Ledger agreed while they all started walking out the door. “Let’s go to the cafe and get fat on food!”

    “Say what now?” Rosella questioned, being the second to last out. Lereline closed and locked the door behind them as they all walked to the cafe.

    Lazuli was the first to walk into the cafe where the aroma of coffee filled the air since most animals were getting their morning coffee before heading out somewhere. Lazuli took a deep sniff of the smell. “Coffee smells good today Brewster, as always!”

    “Coo… What could I get for you and your friends, Lazuli?...” Brewster asked quietly.

    “Um… The usual for Lereline, Ledger, and I, but I’m not sure about the other two…” Lazuli paused thoughtfully. “Let me go ask them.” She then turned around to face Shrina and Rosella when she saw them, including her own friends, playing Blackjack. They appeared to be in the middle of a game too. “How the flip did you people get this set up while my back was turned?”

    Ledger looked up at her and just shrugged, “I’m not entirely sure. Oh, and by the way, Shrina and Rosella would just like some hot chocolates and fruit salad.”

    “How do you know that they want that?” Lazuli questioned while being a little weirded out.

    “I’m not sure, we also seem to all be speaking telepathically. I think these cards are magic. That’s how we also set this up silently,” Ledger laughed and went back to the game.

    “Ooo-kay…” Lazuli turned back to Brewster very confused. “Well then… Shrina and Rosella will have hot chocolates and some fruit salad.” I swear they're all hallucinating… Lazuli thought.

    “Here you go. Coo…” Brewster said, placing the items she ordered on the counter.

    “Fast as ever, Brewster,” She smiled as she moved the items from counter to the table they were all playing blackjack on.

    She looked at the four playing. Their eyes looked distant as if they were in another world. “Hey, the food's here,” Lazuli waved a hand in front of their faces. They snapped out of it and put their cards down.

    “Woo! You really know how to smack talk, Rosella,” Lereline said.

    “No kidding,” Ledger added.

    “Let's see if you can live up to those words after we eat,” Lereline challenged.

    “Just eat the food. You wanted to go get food first,” Lazuli sighed.

    Shrina and Rosella ate their fruit salads and drank their hot chocolate, preparing to get back to blackjack. Ledger quickly ate too, but Lereline poked at her food and just stared at it a little. There's something wrong with Lereline. I know it, but she's too stubborn to say anything. Maybe I could ask Rosella or Shrina.

    “Hey, Rosella? Shrina? Can I talk to you outside for a bit?” Lazuli asked.

    “Of course!” They both said and followed Lazuli out the door.

    “Do you know what's up with Lereline?” Lazuli asked. And as soon as she finished asking the question, Rosella collapsed to the ground crying out a little in pain.

    “We have to tell them,” Rosella faced Shrina, hands and knees on the ground. “We'll need them all.” She slowly pushed herself up. “Let's go back in and tell Ledger too.”

    They all walked back into the cafe. Lazuli and Ledger seemed like the only ones confused.

    Shrina's Point of View (Yes, I'm writing it out now and not making you guess. XD)
    Rosella had another vision… If she says the need to know, then they need to know. I trust her with this.

    “Lereline, we're going to tell them. We know the pressure is getting to you,” Shrina said. Lereline nodded and sighed a deep sigh of relief.

    Shrina nodded to Rosella and let her take over, “We have magical powers, and Lereline just recently got her’s after following us.”
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