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Looking for ACNL friends :)

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User Info: SaranghaePandaz

1 month ago#11
Heyy i added you, can you add me please?
FC: 1435-8543-3023
(my mii is named 0000F)

User Info: starryeyed_cat

1 month ago#12
Added, my fc is in my Sig
Mayor Abriana of Saturn.
FC: 5387-3753-0764 Level 50; Rank A- on Splatoon.

User Info: machete99

4 weeks ago#13
Add me to list, thank you
3ds FC:1993-9172-4895

User Info: Judge_Hazzard

4 weeks ago#14
I added everyone here. I would love to play with you guys! Friend Code: 3841-1908-9275

Thanks! :)
3DS FC: 0533-7976-2848, PlayStation Network ID (Vita/PS4): JudgeHazzard, Steam: Judge Hazzard, Xbox Live (360/XBone): Judge Hazzard, Switch FC: 5846-8998-1274

User Info: Meowxin

4 weeks ago#15
FC 2810-0973-5139, almost always on AC:NL from 3pm to whenever US Eastern, adding all previous FC's
3DS FC: 2810-0973-5139 -- AC:NL, Smash, All Poke Titles, Z:TFH

User Info: Kprojects

4 weeks ago#16
Add me, friend code below
Yare dare daze... Shedinja is my main. Official Shedinja from the Ultra SunFAQS
PS3: Kprojects / 3DS FC: 2294-4030-3056

User Info: saraswii

3 weeks ago#17
My FC is 2449-4623-9079 and Sara. Just restarted town to keep myself busy until Switch AC :)
I added everyone above.
3DS FC: 2449-4623-9079 (Saradara)

User Info: N0RI

3 weeks ago#18
Im Japanese and NORI!!
Please come to my village:)

village name: newyork (katakana in Japanese)

mayor: NORI(3/19/2014)

Dream suite code?: 2C00-000F-C1F1

My account URL:

User Info: kuronekobento

3 weeks ago#19
Hey guys! I try and play NL mostly everyday. Please feel free to add me. My FC is 1821-9295-6946.

User Info: Emxzie

2 weeks ago#20
Hii! I’ve added you!! Here’s my FC!

FC: 0018-1829-0219
Name: Emily
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  3. Looking for ACNL friends :)

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