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User Info: Razorback

7 months ago#1
I don’t use my Wii anymore but I wouldn’t mind buying the GameCube version or Wild World. Which one is the most different from New Leaf in terms of features, holidays, etc.?
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User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
7 months ago#2
Not Wild World -- it's so limited in comparison to New Leaf. The only thing I liked about WW is the fact that villagers will only move onto a spot with a signpost, so you knew exactly where a neighbor might put their house, so you knew not to plant anything valuable there, or else store valuable items there.

I never played any other version of AC so I can't say anything about them.
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User Info: Magpiecrossing

7 months ago#3
Gamecube has way more holidays,events than WW. Although they WW dialogue is good the gamecube is the best. They are always so sassy!
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User Info: Kanuke98

7 months ago#4
I liked both the GC and City Folk, WW bored me within 2 months. City Folk was my favorite.
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User Info: ac_helper

7 months ago#5
Oh, if you want to experience fun stuff for AC, I say the Gamecube version is THE way to go. Depending on whether you have a BC Wii, you will be able to play it on there. You can have as many towns as you have GC memory cards (1 town per card), and if I remember correctly, the BC Wiis have 2 card slots so you can visit your other towns.

In summer, you have morning aerobics with Copper (At 6 AM; remember to get your card punched every morning!).
Then there's the terror of running full speed for your house, Nook's, or the museum to hide/donate that new rare fish you just caught from the female (snooty? I think) that may take off with it from you (some of those villagers were MEAN, and would play a "game" with you to determine how much or what other item they would trade for that rare item, and leave you with NO choice as to whether you wanted to play or not!) so you would not lose your fish or bug.
One of the small annoying things in the original version was the storage options, or rather lack of them. If you want to keep a lot of rare unbuyable things, you should have 4 characters, and a basement full of closets. Each closet had its own space, and you could only keep 3 items per closet. That was solved by storing items in letters at the post office, though, so it wasn't so bad.
The dialog is quite funny for Blathers at the museum; he actually talks waaayyy too much when you donate something new. Although you will need to send your fossils away to get new dinos for the museum, it gives you an incentive to keep your mailbox empty to wait for them!
For these reasons, and lots of others, I'd fully recommend the GC version.
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User Info: XwendyX

7 months ago#6
It is to bad Nintendo stopped supporting online play for the Wii City Folk game ... it might still be popular.
I agree that the Animal crossing for the Game Cube was the best retro game.
Most older Wii consoles will support that game but you can find a good used GameCube online for little money.
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User Info: cris1ussen

7 months ago#7
TC I highly recommend you in get AC:GC, it is still my favorite game in the series, yeah sure is complety different than the sequels but still it has lot of features to offer that actually the sequels never get back like:

-NES games: there are 19 playable NES games on it, some titles I could mention are Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Ballon Fight, etc...

-Exclusive holidays: there were nice events that never make a return in the sequels like the Summer's morning aerobics, Sales day, Tortimer's vacations (a.k.a. turn on the lighthouse) and the Raffles day on the Nook's shop

-Limit of villagers: You can have 15 villagers in your town, besides AC:GC is still the only game in the franchise that the town is big

-Villager's interactions: Unlike in the sequels, only in this version you can ask for favors/chores/request or just talk, which is kind nice because sometimes I found it a little annoy in talking with a villager and instead of talk, it ask me a favor

-The Island: Similar to New Leaf, there is an island that you can visit and also have a house and a neighbor, sadly you need a GBA-GC cable and a GBA for have access but there is a glitch that you can go over there without the need of one (but unfortunately only works on winter)

And well there are many more!, but I will stop here, is a great game to pick and even if you don't like it, just for having the NES games on it make it worth
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User Info: elconoM

7 months ago#8
I miss aerobics
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User Info: Tippity_Rose

7 months ago#9
I haven't played the gamecube version yet, but between Wild World and City Folk I'd choose City Folk. I recently got Wild World again, but it's actually a bit tedious to play after New Leaf. City Folk is about 20% cooler than Wild World in my opinion. Actually way more than 20...
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User Info: BlueSeas

7 months ago#10
CF is like an Updated ACWW for me.
I would suggest CF Or the gamecube AC
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