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  3. What was your first town name?

User Info: Magpiecrossing

10 months ago#1
Looking at these makes me wanna laugh so hard so what was your first towns name?
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User Info: MuttonBasher

10 months ago#2
Loc Lac. I can't imagine you'll laugh very hard. I created it as soon as I bought the game at launch and it still exists, though it's essentially been archived. Sadly, I can no longer visit via the Dream Suite since I didn't want to install the patch on that save.
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User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
10 months ago#3
My first New Leaf town is Narnia. In an unprecedented burst of creativity and absolute brilliance, I realized that "talking animals = Narnia". So that's why my town is Narnia.

But my first ever Animal Crossing town is from Wild World. It's name is Kurai, a word from a novel that my then-school age child was reading. I forget what it means. Eragon, I think, was the novel.
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User Info: deoxysiguess

10 months ago#4
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User Info: Happy1912

10 months ago#5
FC 0361-6489-6518 Animal Crossing CB 3DS XL FC 3755-2065-2060 Switch FC SW-1289-7377-4301

User Info: cute-doggo

10 months ago#6

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User Info: rowlets

10 months ago#7
FC: 2423 6567 4557, Mayor Ghost of Kanto
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User Info: StarWarsfan1984

10 months ago#8
Friend Code for new 3DS: 3239-8561-9015 Name: Jeremy
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User Info: TheHeroOfTime

10 months ago#9
3ds FC 2535-3641-8974,Smash Main-Link/Toon Link
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User Info: Lenny86

10 months ago#10

named after my wild world towns mugville and mugland
i like to party
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