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  3. Can we get all the island shop items offline?

User Info: Riveller

8 months ago#1
Topic says all but allow me to digress.

Today, after almost 5 years playing ACNL I've found an item for the first time: the flip-flops. I've found it in an online island and got astonished because I thought the item was some korean DLC because I've already had registered it long ago.
Since I visit the island offline every single day and never saw it before I would like to know if some item only appear online.
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User Info: Joltei

8 months ago#2
Yes, Items like Red, Blue, White, Pink, Orange Wetsuits, and Sand Castles are online only. There are more, but I can't think of them right now... xD
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User Info: katysu

8 months ago#3
Yes there are exclusive items on CT islands - from memory the pink wet suit isn't one of them tho - rare but it can appear on your own island.

The list of exclusive items is in Liquefy's walkthrough faq here on game faqs.

Edit: its section 20, its easy to find. In general I don't copy & paste out of his faq (tho I think I have done + given credit) doesn't seem right & as said it is easy to find - lots of info in that faq so worth a look.
No doubt it will now be pasted in, the info may be available via a wiki &/or Thonky, haven't looked. I trust Liquefy's faq as being accurate.

The CT islands seem to get the rarer items that can appear on your own island - so its worth going for those as well. On my own island I seem to get the same old over and over again.

I used to island hop on CT islands for items, but it wasn't very popular with other players there as the game saves as you enter & exit.
Now with all the potential hacking on CT islands (I don't fancy being put into a loop with Kappn's boat loading screen nor warped back to my own island) I don't go at all.
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  3. Can we get all the island shop items offline?
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