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Question about snowman bingo card

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User Info: 3DS_GIRL

5 months ago#1
Hi there has been something that has been bothering me for the past few days and I was wondering if someone could help me!

I had a bingo card in my pocket and I was 1 number away from a bingo in five different ways! Then I did the stalk market where I bought a load of turnips and then sold them for a lot of money in someone else’s town. When I got back I checked my pockets and The bingo card had disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else? Or why it happened? My theory is that when Reese gave me the money for the turnips, it was too much to carry in my pockets so instead of transferring the excess bells to my ABD, the game glitched and it just replaced the bingo card with the bells.
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User Info: nunomm1

5 months ago#2
Wow, I've never seen that happen before, sorry to say. That is annoying, though!
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User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
5 months ago#3
Wow, yeah that's so annoying. I'm sorry that it happened to you. But for future reference, Reese is not going to simply transfer the bells into your ABD, is she? I've never had her do so; what has happened to me is that she simply tells me that I can't carry that much money and then doesn't complete the transaction.
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User Info: 3DS_GIRL

5 months ago#4
Yeah I will have to be more careful I guess!
FC: 1478 - 4656 - 6913

User Info: arleas

5 months ago#5
I've heard cases before of someone not seeing the bingo card in their inventory and then later it shows up again (no idea why this happened though).
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