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CYOA: Circle of Secrets

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User Info: ApplePie12

7 months ago#1
This is how it's going to work: Me and Luma will be writing this together. I'm just starting it off. If you haven't read either of our Cyoa's then you'll probably have no clue on what's going on here. Anyway...
Atsume? I think I've heard that name before...

"Hi! Nice to finally meet you, Atsume!" Rosella said excitedly.

"Finally?" Atsume echoed. Don't give your powers away Rosella.

"She just means," Shrina jumped in. "That we heard people were coming to Lilycove." Lies. We had no idea anyone was coming.

"So where do guests stay?" Atsume asked. Oh! There's no hotels here since Lilycove was never a popular enough town to have a need for hotels.

"Um... We don't have hotels," Rosella started. "But--"

"Wait, there's no hotels?" one of the girls who was in the other group asked. "Sorry. I was just shocked. Anyway, hi, my name is Amaya and over there is my twin sister, Luna."

"You can stay at my house," Rosella said. "My house is really big and it has enough space for each of you to have your own room. I'll ask Mayor Amberlyn to have a hotel built for you. So you won't have to stay at my house long."

"I would rather stay in the same room as Amaya..." Luna whispered quietly. "And where would you sleep?" she asked Rosella.

"I'll stay in Shrina's house," Rosella said. "Don't worry if I tell Amberlyn today, she can have it built by tomorrow."

"Will it ever be used again after they leave though?" Shrina asked.

"You're right," Rosella said. "Probably not though... Oh! Behind Harvey's cabin is other cabins! If you guys don't mind sleeping in cabins. We may not have hotels, but some of the residents of Lilycove like to try camping in the mountains."

"We'll take you there," Shrina said.
"Hey, Harvey," Rosella said. "Um, we have some out of town visitors... Could they stay in the cabins?" Rosella asked, and then Harvey nodded. Rosella led them behind Harvey's cabin and over a bridge across the river.

There was four cabins in the shape of a square and in the middle was a campfire. "You can stay here and pick whichever cabins you want," Rosella said.
"Camping in a cabin could be fun!" Atsume said to Chrissy and Olivia.

"Out here? With no shower?" Olivia asked.

"Don't worry," the girl who brought us here said. "There's running water and electricity in the cabins. If you want I can even get you internet. Just, don't tell Harvey..."

"Thanks for all of this, but what are your names?" Atsume asked.

"Oh, I'm Rosella and this is Shrina," Rosella said.

"Luna and I will be sharing a cabin," Amaya said.

"What do you guys want to do?" Atsume asked. "Do you want to share a cabin or do you want us each to get our own?"

A) They share a cabin
B) Each of them get their own cabin
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User Info: DiduXD

7 months ago#2
Also, when does this take place?
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User Info: LumaRosalina

7 months ago#4
(I almost started to vote! Heehee!)

-Crossover FAQs/Explanation-

So as you can see, me and Apple are doing a crossover CYOA! (Cue audience reaction.)

Here's how it works.

Q: Who posts?

A. We create a story together privately and whoever can post at the moment will post.

Q: How often will you post?

A. Every few days to every week.

Q: How will you deal with your different writing styles?

A: Well, we both make the story, it's just whoever has the time that puts it into words. So there will be some switching between my fast-paced style and her detailed writing. However, I try to be even half as as awesome as she was in writing LoTM.

Q: Why do some characters resemble the authors, when described?

A. Yeah, Rosella is based off Apple. And here's an inside secret only Apple knows (until now): Izabella is based off me! So we're part of the adventure, just like your characters from your CYOAs who are based off yourselves.

Enjoy! This is going to be so much fun, and we're glad you're all involved! Thank you for all your votes and support!

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User Info: ApplePie12

7 months ago#5
DiduXD posted...
Also, when does this take place?

This takes place in the Spring. Shrina's last adventure ended in Fall. Then, I fast forward to Winter in my Cyoa, now we are in Spring.

LumaRosalina posted...
(Cue audience reaction.)


LumaRosalina posted...
However, I try to be even half as as awesome as she was in writing LoTM.

Aw, thanks, Kinkajou!
"You have to take that gift and do something with it, not run away from it."
(message deleted)

User Info: LumaRosalina

7 months ago#7
You're very welcome Moon.

Also, everyone, here's a guide to what's official and not:

Any character action in LoTM is official and owned by Apple.

Any character action in TS is official and owned by me.

Any character action in this is official and owned by us.

Other CYOAs using our characters, must have permission, and are still not official. While I have given permission for other CYOAs to use Atsume, Olivia, Chrissy and Izabella, I did not specify what they could be doing, therefore it is not official and I did not give permission for certain actions, so I in no part am responsible for changes in personality or death of my characters in other CYOAs, therefore it is not canon.

*inhales for the first time in 5 minutes* OK, there, got copyright and officialism sorted out!
"AHH! You gave me a heart attack!" "*pulls out defribrillators*" "STOP, STOP, STOP! It's just an expression!"

User Info: Microbot001

7 months ago#8

EPIC!! I'm in! A.
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User Info: NCh

7 months ago#9
A They're best friends they can put up with each other :-)

Also, YAY!!! Crossover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: Cinnabunny

7 months ago#10
*Makes grand enterance and John Cena theme plays*
I'll pick, B.
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