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Items on Club Tortimer

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User Info: Happy1912

5 months ago#1
Hello, I've recently started island hopping and I don't know but before the update I saw very few items that were rare or hard to find but now I see some of the more rare or hard to find items but my question is: Have they switched the ratio of things around on the islands?

I'm trying to get 80+ toy Hammers and have yet to see a single one on any CT islands let alone my personal in town island. Has anyone seen these items have they become the hard to find/ rare ones now? I understand that you only get 4 items but for instance I've only seen one silver axe and before the update if I Island hopped enough I'd see 2-3 of them but now it's just poof the rare of the rare?

Thoughts on why this is happening.
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User Info: Kanuke98

5 months ago#2
Hi Happy I've done a lot of Island hopping and it seems pretty much the same for me not much has changed from what i've experienced.
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