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User Info: podracer35

4 weeks ago#461
B. I wonder who this new person is...
Stolen Memories CYOA:
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User Info: Powerguy360

4 weeks ago#462
I can’t tell exactly which one was chosen, so I suppose I’ll go with B. Also quick shoutout to podracer for supporting me. I really appreciate the guidance as I write this. Now then, back to the story:

“Hey Kapp’n,” you ask, “mind if I hang out with you? You know, to celebrate our success?”
“Sure thing, Slick. I was goin’ to go to a seafood shack nearby. Could go fer some crab legs.”

You sit down across from Kapp’n. A pretty yellow cat comes to your table.
“Hello there! I’m Kaitlin, and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I start if by asking what everyone wants to drink?”
“I’ll have some water, no lemons” you say.
“Okay, and how about you?”
“Could I have some o’ yer fine root beer?”
“Of course! I’ll be right back.”
“So, what are you gonna do wit’ yer share o’ the loot, Slickback?”
You have to think about it for a second.
“Well, I’ll pay off my loan to Nook. I’ll probably buy some new clothes, and maybe something for Ai...” You trail off as you realize you made a fatal mistake.
“Oooooooh! Somebody wants to get somethin’ pretty fer his girlfriend!”
It takes all your effort not to facepalm yourself.
“Such a ladies man ye are, Slick.” Kapp’n carries on teasing you until the waitress returns with your drinks.
“There we go! Now then, have you decided what to order?”
“I’ll take yer crab leg platter.”
You have no idea what to order, but you decide to be brave. “I guess I’ll have the “Salty Sea Shenanigan Special”.
“Alright, your order will be ready soon.”
After she leaves, you and Kapp’n resume chatter. Eventually you pop the question, “When we get close to Sanctuary, can you slow down the boat a bit? I tend to get a little ... seasick around there.”
“Sure thing, Slick.”

It turns out your meal is actually pretty good. There are shrimp, crab legs, and a lobster tail, all seasoned expertly. When you finish the meal, Kapp’n takes the check. “You’ve done plenty, Lance.”
“Thanks for the tip. Any questions before you leave?”
“I have one: could ya tell me where the lil’ kappa’s room is? I drank a lot o’ root beer.”
The waitress giggles. “Right down the hall.” she says. “Have a great evening.”
“I’ll be right back, Slick.” Kapp’n heads down the hall.
You watch a mysterious panther enter the restauraunt. She orders her food and then sits next to you for a brief moment.
“I have seen in the stars that you are important,” she tells you.
“You must be the fortune teller.”
“That is the truth. Young man, I sense a dusturbance. There is a fog I cannot see through, but I sense that something is wrong. Some sort of mystical power is at work here, Lance. Be careful.”
“Oh-ok?” You’re not sure how to respond.
“Good. Stay safe. And remember that bad times are just times that are bad.” She heads back to her table.

As you and Kapp’n head back to the hut, you try to ponder what this panther said. Mystical power? What does that mean?


The following morning, Kapp’n wakes you. “Up and at em’ lad! We be headin’ home in fifteen minutes.”

After a rushed breakfast with Kapp’n, you grab your things and head for the boat. You meet Serena at the dock.
“I just came to wish you good luck. And let me tell you a secret,” she whispers in your ear, “I’m not really a goddess. Don’t tell anyone!”
“Don’t worry, I won’t. Good-bye, Serena.” You climb into the boat.

As you and Kapp’n sail away, you take one last look at Terra. I hope my friends are okay.

Most of the journey goes smoothly. Kapp’n sings his sea shanties while look for marine life in the ocean. Towards the end, though, you get that throbbing headache again. Before you know it, you’re in a dark room. You hear a deep voice from the shadows.
“Don’t be such a wimp, David. Listen.”
You hear Tom Nook’s muffled voice.
“C’mon David, move to Sancturary. It’ll feel like all your troubles just ... float away.”
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(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Powerguy360

4 weeks ago#463
Another voice. This one sounds like you.
“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.”
“Good! Good! I’ll arrange for the train to pick you up tonight.”
The deep voice speaks again. “Don’t you remember ANY of this?”
You begin to freak out a little bit. “I don’t know, okay? Something must be wrong with me? Who am I? What happened to me? Somebody HELP!!!”

You’re suddenly back in the boat.
“You alright, Slick?”
You blink quickly and shake your head. “I think so. Just a little seasick.”
“Huh. Well, guess what, lad? We be home!” Kapp’n pulls up to the dock.
He hands you a sack of Bells as you climb out of the boat.
“There ya go, Slick. There’s yer share. Go an’ have some fun now, ya hear?”
Gaston is on the beach, staring out at the ocean. When he sees you, he hurries over.
“Lance! I’m glad you made it back okay. You’re earlier than I expected.”
“Yeah, we got lucky. How are my friends doing?”
Gaston sighs. “They’re all missing, son.”
“Rover disappeared about a week ago. I think he might’ve left the town. Ai and Rosie went missing a couple nights ago. I’m worried about them. I’m so sorry, Lance.”
I can’t believe it. All my friends are gone! You are in shock at the news. You say good-bye to the rabbit and head off to ...

(A) Pay off your loan. Get that done before anything else.
(B) Try and blindly search for your friends.
(C) Buy some more medicine at Tom Nook’s store.
(D) Ask around for more info on what happened.
(E) Get some sleep.
(F) Other (Specify)
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User Info: DiduXD

4 weeks ago#464
Forget what you've already won and focus on the current match. Main FC: 4313-5212-1176 IGN Matthew
If we all hold on together, our dreams will never die.

User Info: Cinnabunny

4 weeks ago#465
I'll say I'm active, but I'm really not. (rip my life)

User Info: ApplePie12

3 weeks ago#466

Hopefully they're not hurt. If they are, then... Serena lied to us. D:<
Go to sleep my little sheep. It's time to rest your head whether alive or dead. I am the keeper of the key that'll set us all free.

User Info: Powerguy360

3 weeks ago#467
Sorry guys, I’ve been a little busy lately. I’ll try and post the update tomorrow. Looks like Lance’ll be hunting for details. Also, sorry for the typos. I’ll try and double-check next time.
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(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: podracer35

3 weeks ago#468
I guess it's decided already, but D.

Powerguy360 posted...
“I just came to wish you good luck. And let me tell you a secret,” she whispers in your ear, “I’m not really a goddess. Don’t tell anyone!”

Well shoot... Serena is an alien. This changes everything! grabs popcorn
Stolen Memories CYOA:
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User Info: Powerguy360

3 weeks ago#469
I’m sorry for my absence. Thanks for being so patient. I’m back.

Wow, that sure was a unanimous vote! Also, as a side note, Serena won’t likely appear in the story anymore. I’m sure she’s busy messing around with s bunch of other people by now. :P

You decide to find out more about what happened. You figure Gaston already told you everything he knows, and Walker probably won’t be much help. You consider going to the Roost, but you’re sure it will be vacant at this time of day. It’s still the early afternoon.

First, you decide to check in with Big Top and Agent S. They may have seen something during one of their “missions”.

Of course, both of their houses greet you with a locked door and a sign saying “OUT ON SECRET MISSION”.
Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. They do seem to love playing outside.
You head to Tom Nook’s shop. You need some medicine, and you figure the raccoon may have some insightful advice. When you walk through the sliding doors, you’re greeted by his twins.
“Hello, good sir! Nice to have you back! So nice!
“Here to buy anything? Or to sell perhaps?”
“Well, I could use some medicine.”
“Of course!” Timmy dashes off to grab it for you. Tommy stays behind to talk.
“Nice to see you, youngster. Is Nook here?”
“Uncle Nook is out right now. He said he was busy. So busy! But we can take care of any of your consumer needs! Any!
Welp, there goes that.
“Well, I have enough to pay off my loan to him. Could you take the payment for me?”
“Yes! Yes of course!” You hand Tommy the money. “We will get this to Nook quickly.”
Timmy arrives with a few packs of medicine. You pay for it and leave the store.
Where else could I go? How am I supposed to know what to do?
In a final effort, you head to the Able Sisters’. At least you can buy some new clothes, if nothing else.

When you arrive, the hedgehogs greet you in unison.
“Lance! You’re back!”
Cousteau peeks out from behind some clothing.
“Ah! So nice to have you back, it is!”
You smile and chat a little as you search for clothes. You buy several outfits, including a rather expensive black leather jacket. Hey, I can treat myself. Besides, maybe it’ll make me look cool.
You hand the clothes to Mable, who begins calculating the total cost. Deciding you have nothing to lose, you openly ask, “Does anyone know anything about my friends? Or about a killer?”
Surprisingly, the quiet Sable answers you.
“Well, actually, there is a suspicious figure that hangs around near the lighthouse. Rover saved me from him about a week before he disappeared.”
Of course! The lighthouse!

After you pay for your clothing and say your goodbyes, you realize you have a very important decision to make.

(A) Observe the beach at night from a safe distance.
(B) Get prepared and head directly into the lighthouse. It’s time.
(C) Head home and get some rest.
(D) Other (Specify)
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User Info: DiduXD

3 weeks ago#470
Forget what you've already won and focus on the current match. Main FC: 4313-5212-1176 IGN Matthew
If we all hold on together, our dreams will never die.
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