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[CYOA] Animal Crossing: Stolen Memories Act 4

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User Info: podracer35

2 weeks ago#361
Bump for safety. Update will be out tomorrow evening
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User Info: Happy1912

2 weeks ago#362
podracer35 posted...
Bump for safety. Update will be out tomorrow evening

Pretty please have Other as an answer!!!!!
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User Info: angelkay16

1 week ago#363
Saving bump.
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User Info: podracer35

3 days ago#364
As usual, I'm a bit late to this. I try to put it these timelines as goals and things to shoot for, so I'm sorry I've been breaking those commitments.

I'm still working on a good part of this update, but has enough of a scene that I figured I'd post it and let you all (hopefully) enjoy it.


"Actually, I'm going to stay behind and help Sable clean up." You tell the rest of the girls. "It's only fair."

"Okay, suit yourself!" Mabel shrugs, but you can tell she is relieved. The three of them exit the shop and you slowly hear their chatter fade into the distance.

"Thank you, Rover." Sable quietly mumbles as she continues to work on your "design."

You walk around to the other areas where Rosie and Ai were working and put away the extra sheets of fabric that were left out. You then pick up a broom from the back closet next to the changing rooms and sweep up the tiny strings and pieces of cut cloth left on the floor. The clean up process wasn't particularly long or complicated, and you finished whatever you could think of in around 10 minutes.

Around the same time, Sable stands up with a slightly satisfied smile on her face. "All done?"

Sable jumps slightly and gasps. "Sorry! I completely forgot you were there, Rover." She looks around. "Thank you for cleaning up everything! I'm sorry I didn't help at all."

You laugh. "You're fine, Sable. I'm glad to know I got around to everything."

"I didn't say you did, but that's okay." She says just barely loud enough for you to hear.

"Are you saying I didn't?" You thought for sure that you covered everything you could possibly think of.

Sable chuckles, which takes you completely by surprise. "That was a joke, Rover. You cleaned up just about everything you could." I didn't even know she was capable of joking and laughing like that. "All that's left to do is lock up for the night."

"Were you planning on coming to the Roost to meet up with Mabel?"

"No. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, and I prefer to be in a smaller group. Today's Saturday night, so K.K. Slider will be having his concert. I'm sure everyone is going to want to be there for that."

I completely forgot that that would be tonight! "You're right. I'm not a huge fan of that concert scene, even if his music is good."

"I usually take a walk along the beach around this time instead. It's quiet and the most beautiful it there right now." Sable stops for a second, and then continues with noticeable effort. "Would you like to come along?"

You don't think it'd be safe for Sable to be walking around in her own this late, even if the murders haven't happened for a couple days. "That sounds like a good idea."

----------- (to be continued)
Stolen Memories CYOA:
3DS Friend Code: 0903-3152-6750
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