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Is the reset center worth the 400k bells?

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  3. Is the reset center worth the 400k bells?

User Info: DarthKalak

11 months ago#1
I know eventually after i play long enough that will be chump change, but not feeling it for the time being.
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User Info: PersonaXMachina

11 months ago#2
I still don't have it after having paid off everything and having millions of bells in the bank, so really that's up to you. I don't really care about having Resetti in my town so I never built it.

User Info: chameleonsoup

11 months ago#3
I kind of like it. I've never seen it open though!
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User Info: Princesess

11 months ago#4
The only things the Reset Center does is give you the resetti brother's pictures after a certain amount of visits, and makes Resetti appear every time you quit without saving. The Reset Center is basically the way they made Resetti optional, since he apparently scared kids(I can tell why too, I admit i'm a bit of a coward but that music change almost gave me a heart attack the first time he appeared on my ACNL game.)

So, honestly, unless you like the Resetti Brothers, I would say no, but that's my opinion.
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User Info: katysu

11 months ago#5
I think the pictures are worth having (Resetti & his bro Don), you get funny dialog, can use their loo, & get to use the scramble machine.
I've always put the centre in my towns, albeit not always in the best of places.

What I'm not certain of is, do you have to have the reset centre intown to get both brothers frequenting the café, sitting on the stool plus at other times ordering coffee.
I have had both of them in there on occasion (not together!) Probably not?

Do you have to have the reset centre built to get Resetti in his RV van?

Again probably not, but the pics, dialog etc is enough for me to have the centre built.
However I don't normally reset with an existing character, so don't get to see him that much.

The one time I did reset with my Mayor was when I ran over a hybrid I really wanted, and to my surprise he didn't have much of a go at me, even tho I was truthful & said I wanted to redo something (or whatever the wording is for that option).

User Info: wackywong

11 months ago#6
I would say no. You only have a limit of 30 PWPs and the Reset Center is just a waste of space. Pictures can be collected from their cards (afaik).
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User Info: MegaRush

11 months ago#7
I just began funding a Reset Center today myself. Never had one, know nothing about it except for the few things people have posted here about it. So it'll be kinda new to me.

I'm not really crazy about the way it looks like a little manhole cover randomly stuck in the middle of town, so if you decide to build one but don't really like the idea of it being an eyesore, here's an idea that feels like it'll work out nicely for me: I'm building it directly behind my town hall. Like...literally directly behind it. So I pretty much won't see it unless approaching the building from certain angles.

I also kinda feel like that's where Resetti belongs anyway: Living in a half-hidden hole behind where REAL official business takes place.
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User Info: Satan915

11 months ago#8
wackywong posted...
I would say no. You only have a limit of 30 PWPs and the Reset Center is just a waste of space. Pictures can be collected from their cards (afaik).

Permanent projects don't count towards the 30 limit. But yeah, that also means you can't delete it once you build it.

User Info: ApplePie12

11 months ago#9
I like the part in the Reset Center where I yell "SCRAMBLE" through the mic and watch the alarm go off and watch Resetti try to stop the alarm.
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User Info: arleas

11 months ago#10
If you're doing it for the pictures, you can just get the Resetti amiibo card and bam... picture. If you like resetti and/or want the stuff that comes with the center then go for it. I don't like resetti, don't want to hear his lectures and I don't even "reset" that much... just a few times a year at most.
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  3. Is the reset center worth the 400k bells?

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