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500+ new items confirmed!

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User Info: rini124

1 year ago#41
yasoukyoku posted...
My new item count:

497 furniture
25 wallpaper
41 carpets
39 tops
9 dresses
5 bottoms
4 socks
9 shoes
1 umbrella
22 hats
2 holdable? sticks
7 fortune tickets
3 stationary (though they might not be obtainable)
47? special villager pics (total is now 54)
64? ordinary villager pics (total is now 397)
=775 items

Does the 497 include the Giant Items?
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User Info: yasoukyoku

1 year ago#42
rini124 posted...
Does the 497 include the Giant Items?
Yes, it does.

User Info: SierraLarson

1 year ago#43
As a person who's trying to complete the catalog, I can officially say that I hate my ACNL life.

It's been, like, two years since I've gotten the game. It would be nice to finish it and buy HHD, but if there's 100's of new items, that won't happen for quite awhile.


User Info: Ansem_the_evil

1 year ago#44
and I just complete the catalogue to a few weeks back thanx to lot trasding with friends looks like somone need to make a complete guide of all new items so I can check of hopefully showing which are ordable and which are not too
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