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User Info: Donniedonz

6 years ago#1
Alright, so I have two Smug villagers in my town. Jacques and Julian. Jacques moved in a couple weeks after I started playing the game, and since then we've become best friends. I noticed a lot of people online saying how Smug villagers often flirt with their characters, regardless of gender, but I hadn't noticed much (if any) flirtatious dialogue from Jacques. About a month later my friend, Paige, had Jacques move into her town. He acts a bit different with her... It's subtle, but he definitely makes flirty remarks and seems to hit on her from time to time.

Then Julian moved in.
I swear, that unicorn will NOT stop making moves on me...

So do you think that certain Smug villagers are programmed to have different dialogue depending on the player's gender? As in, they have "sexualities" of sorts?
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User Info: hellokittygirl1

6 years ago#2
A lot of people will be like "waaa don't be cliched, it's an innocent kids game" blah blah.

But I think you're right. Olaf hits on me and my alts mercilessly, and he's very flamboyant. They definitely have some sexuality built in.
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User Info: Kyle_Clarthy

6 years ago#3
I don't know. I also don't know much about the games compared to other players here as this is my first real shot at it, but Phil has made me wonder sometimes, too. His letters are very lovey dovey, and I think that's just all it is. Of course, we as human beings read into things and yes, the game does a good job of making quite a bit of the dialogue hilarious in ways it probably isn't meant to be portrayed.

Having said this, Phil has said what I believe to be flirty stuff to me despite me being a guy, but about five minutes ago he was very excited about how many girls lived in the town.

Keaton moved in, too, and he's pretty much a carbon copy of Phil, but he hasn't seemed to be nearly as bad as Phil has been.

I guess it's all random, really. One day Phil might seem really into me, for example, the next day he might not ever say anything mildly suggestive.

Isn't there also something to do with luck? I thought I read that some days you have more luck speaking with males and you have bad luck with females. I guess that's also a factor.
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User Info: yedi

6 years ago#4
My main smug character atm is Ed, the horse. He was the first villager to move into my freshly rebooted town. My previous town only had the smug hippo for about 2 days before I turned it into a parking lot, so my experience with smug characters was pretty limited(that and because of how Hippeux looked, I totally read his dialog in the voice of that "the Yes guy" waiter from the Simpsons, which made him hilarious).

Anyways, when Ed moved in, I thought he looked like a stuck up hipster, who'd look right at home sitting in Brewsters selling coffee, talking about bands which "you've probably never heard of them". His initial dialog towards me totally supported this. He wasn't flirty, he wasn't dance-y, he just talked about how great he was at stuff.

The he opted to start calling me "Genius", which when combined with what he was already saying, made him come off super condescending whenever he talked to or about me. "Hey Genius, what'cha doing? Going fishing? Good luck with that."

That went on for about 4 weeks, and I slowly warmed up to the crazy little rainbow pony since he added some much needed personality to my otherwise bland wash for villagers. Then all of a sudden he's just started blathering on about how he was so "devious" with his guy friends when he was younger after he invited me to his house one time.

A few days later, Klaus moved into my town(another smug character) and now I'm pretty much being bombarded by them and their "subtle" flirtations, and I really miss my stuck up hipster horse :P
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User Info: RedCometChar

6 years ago#5
I think there may be gradations of personality intensity amongst the characters. At one point I had three Peppy villagers- Twiggy, Bonbon and Agent S. Twiggy and Bonbon were about the same but Agent S is more of a jerk, I've noticed other villagers looking depressed after talking to her while she is happy. I also had two villagers tell me she insulted their cooking or something. (Everybody talks about exotic food, but no one eats anything but fruit!)
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User Info: HylianAngel

6 years ago#6
Random dialogue is random. The only difference is the character model.
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User Info: Jolteon

6 years ago#7
Chadder likes to tell me that I'm looking as cool as a fair number of cucumbers. That guy's alright.
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User Info: HylianFox

6 years ago#8
my smug neighbor is Hans and I don't notice him hitting on me too much.
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User Info: SabreWlf

6 years ago#9
Kyle tends to subtly hit on me, but usually only when I pick some particular dialogue (and in letters, he's awesome)

I swear some personalities have variations though. Like I had Annalise as a starter, and have Freya now, both are snooty but they act quite differently. Annalise was all about the gossip, Freya seems to cry about everything, for one

User Info: Koumi

6 years ago#10
I think the dialogue is just meant to be random, but possibly the game keeps a tab on their statements so you don't get two peppys making the same comment in a row, for example. And then imagining your villagers as straight up clones is a pretty boring thing (even if it's like, technically true from a programming standpoint) so people add layers for variety. That's what I think, anyway.
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