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User Info: LuCiErEaDy

4 years ago#91
I would really appreciate quick replies! thanks everyone and my friend code is1907 9333 1016 if u want to add me.
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I'm gonna try this out now! Recently I lost Cole, my absolute favorite villager, and I wouldn't mind having Cheri back either, so I'm gonna start cycling, starting with Prince. Also, I might add that if you have a peppy move out, you'll likely have a peppy move in, a lazy for a lazy, etc.
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User Info: kzd

4 years ago#94
I went through way more than 16 villagers trying to get a villager back but never got her back, however I didn't do it straight through your process, I did other stuff while shifting the villagers in and out, is that why yuka didn't come back?

User Info: kzd

4 years ago#95
reply to lucie, I don't know how you would find her, the first time she comes is really random, however once she does show up, I was able to pass a check, tt forward 2days and then back to same day she came and pass another check and get a 2 for one out of her visit :) did the same thing on her next visit and got my emporium quick
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User Info: Natsume_Tien7

4 years ago#97
replies for the above couple of posters:


The point of the 16 villager cycle is to erase the villager from your town's "memory". Once you have had 16 or more villagers move after the one you lost, you can either invite them back from another town, or they can come back via Streetpass. A few important notes:

1.) you may have be miscounting how many villagers actually left since then. Go through a villager list and try to remember everyone who left after Yuka and count them up.

2.) VERY IMPORTANT: to this day, I have never had a villager that left my town in a campsite or as a natural move-in, even after they have been cycled. I've played this game for 2000+ hours, cycled many and gotten to s of campers so I'm 99% positive that it's true. Maybe only if you actually cycled all 300+ villagers but we'll probably never know 0_o

3.) so yeah, you have to get them one of those two ways (invite or SP), they won't just come back. Check the trade board, you may just get her or others for free.

@ ShinySylveon143

Well this is for everyone really....but there is some misinformation here. Here is how natural move-ins work from my experience:

Let's say you started a new town and got your 9 starting villagers, and you got one of each personality plus another Cranky. If your first move out is your Peppy villager, your next random move in will be a mix of all of the other personalities BUT Peppy and Cranky (since that was the other most recent type to move in) It won't be until your next random move in that it will be Peppy, unless you obtained a new Peppy through other means first.

If the first was a Cranky, it would be every type but just Cranky the next time. AND the same would go for the next natural move-in since you would already have another Cranky in your town.

Gladly answer any questions if anyone is confused. The point is you won't have your missing personality replaced right away, the game delays it until the next move-in for whatever reason.
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User Info: Cupcakier

4 years ago#98
If we follow this guide, approximately how long would it take to cycle 16 villagers?
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User Info: Jay_22

4 years ago#99
This is really helpful because my favorite character moved out and I was really hoping to find someone who has him in their town so he can move back in! It's Henry the frog, my friend code is 3797-7668-0318. If anyone has him and wouldn't mind him moving let me know please! I am even willing to trade some villagers!

User Info: esocia

4 years ago#100
Hey, thanks!
Although Derwin moved out without pinging me and no one told me...oh well.
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