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  3. Exploit "lazy" campers for TONS of bells and furniture! (mini-guide)

User Info: Valtero

8 years ago#1
So, think you're making lots of bells catching beetles, huh? Cool, cool. But what if I told you that you coulda sold that last gold stag for over 50,000 bells? Or that horned atlas for over 30,000? And what if I told you that you could sell it at that price all night long, after all the stores have closed?

Get yourself a campsite if you don't have one. All campers offer to sell furniture or buy items, but only the lazy type is GUARANTEED to buy for over 4x the normal price. When a camper with the "lazy" personality type shows up, it's time to rake in the bells.

Load up on palm-tree beetles, sharks, and whatever other super-expensive fish or bugs you can find. Leave behind any tools you have unless they're gold or silver, and leave behind clothes/accessories/anything else. Campers will only play games if you have 1 free inventory space and at least 5,000 bells, so check to make sure you're okay on inventory and bells before you head to the campsite.

Talk to the lazy camper over and over again, until he offers to buy one of your expensive bugs/fish with a game called "What Do I Want to Eat?"

He'll start with a clue regarding the color of fruit he wants to eat. Depending on the clue, you'll get 4 choices.
"The color of the fruit I want to eat is not red."
Apple (it's never this, obviously)
Banana (don't pick this yet)
Orange (pick this)
Pear (or this)

If you're lucky, you'll win right away, and he'll buy your bug/fish for an insanely high price. If you're not lucky, don't worry. Next clue.

"If I described the shape of the fruit, I would say it's long/round."
Apple (never pick this)
Banana (long)
Orange (round)
Pear (round)

Since you picked pear or orange in the first round, there should only be one correct answer left.

"The color of the fruit I want to eat is reddish."
Cherry (pick this)
Peach (don't pick this yet)
Strawberry (or pick this)
Grape (never pick this)

"If I described the shape of the fruit, I would say it's bite-sized/round.
Cherry (bite-sized)
Peach (round)
Strawberry (bite-sized)
Grape (never pick this)

Since you picked cherry or strawberry in the first round, again, there's only one correct answer left.

And you win. EVERY TIME. There's no way to fail on this. They pay at least 4x what it's normally worth. That means, with just a little extra work, you can quadruple your island farming profit. Less trips to the island, more money for your bank.

All campers can potentially buy your items for 4x the value, but only "lazy" types have a 100% success rate.

"Smug" types play an evens/odds dice game. ALWAYS pick even. When rolling dice, there's always a 2/3 or 66.6% chance of evens, and the game stays true to this. More often than not, it's even.

"Cranky" types play a game where you pick from 1 of 4 suites of cards. So you only have a 1/4 chance of big bucks, but they'll often pay decently even if you pick wrong (1 card has a terrible price, 2 have decent prices, 1 has the highest price). I always pick Spades. Though, I did this with furniture and not bugs/fish, so I'm not sure how the prices scale with this game.

The "Normal" type has a coloring book maze game you have to play. I don't remember exactly how this one goes, but I remember it being hard to get a decent price for anything. You get like 4 choices for which color "path" to take, and each time you're wrong the price goes down. It sucks, and there's no guarantee of winning.

Other types have games that are pretty hard to win to get a decent price. I'll update this post when I get to play against campers with other personalities and figure out the best way to win.

User Info: Valtero

8 years ago#2
As for furniture, all campers play the same game, with different names, where you get 5 chances to buy furniture. They offer you each piece of furniture at a random price, and if you buy it, the game ends. If you don't, they offer another. If you don't choose the 4th piece, you're forced to buy the 5th. USUALLY at a price from 4,000 to just under 5,000 bells. Sometimes you'll get lucky and it'll be cheap. To save money, I recommend buying the 4th piece if it's ~1,000 bells or less.

If you have money to blow, play the five chances game. You'll add tons of furniture to your catalog, and sometimes wallpaper and flooring. It's only stuff Timmy & Tommy normally sell, no spotlight items. Also, this is the only way to get "camper" furniture like sleeping bags and kayaks. I recommend you put a garbage pail/can or trash bin/can in a house near the campsite so you can trash items you don't want if you're playing after your stores are closed. Don't bother selling them back to the camper, it's a waste of time, just go catch more fish/beetles if you run low on bells.

Another game campers play always involves a piece of furniture they tell you upfront. The game varies by personality type. If you win big, you get the furniture for free. If you lose, you'll pay 4,000+. Either way, you get it. So go for it, if it's something you want.

Campers will NOT offer to play any games if you have a full inventory. They won't offer to play any games if you have less than 5,000 bells.

Also, they never sleep. Campers will be up all night to buy and sell stuff, all the way till 6am. Or later! If you're not done exploiting them for bells, open your gates for local wireless visitors. The day won't change as long as the gates are open.

User Info: Reedeemer

8 years ago#3
omg this is awesome info, tyvm.

Just got the player's guide a while ago and I still haven't seen this anywhere in there...hmmmn this guide...
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User Info: ZoraTunic

8 years ago#4
That sounds great. Will definitely try it if I get a lazy camper. Thanks!
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User Info: Hudsucker20XX

8 years ago#5
Great info! Thanks!
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User Info: Naruto

8 years ago#6
What a coincidence, I have a lazy camper today!

User Info: klecser

8 years ago#7
Great reasoning for a "new" exploit. Well done!

User Info: Naruto

8 years ago#8
I'm glad I made one trip to the island last night, that's some good bells. Thanks.

User Info: nintendogger

8 years ago#9
Nice work. I usually try and get furniture that I want (regardless of what they charge me).
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User Info: benwest96

8 years ago#10
Can't believe how few posts there are in this thread. Thanks for the info.
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