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    Q: What happened to Redd?

    Redd, Katrina, Wendell, and Sahara all visit your town from time-to-time.

    Q: Are there any new animal moods?

    A: Yep! There is now smug and big sis/uchi. Both are more mature personalities.

    Q: Is it possible to have two towns in one 3DS?

    A: Sadly, no. You cannot have two towns even with the use of SD cards. Your 3DS will automatically delete one of the towns. You need another 3DS to have another town.

    Q: Do gold tools return? Are there any new tools?

    A: Yes and no.

    Q: Has the catalog changed?

    A: Not really. However, there is an added search feature!

    Q: Are the games region-locked?

    A: Yes, they are. This means that you cannot play a Japanese version on an American 3DS or vice-versa. However, you can visit towns from any region, meaning that you can pick up region-exclusive items and DLC in other regions.

    Q: Is this a single-player game?

    A: I advise many to play this as a single-player game (it works better), but you can have four player profiles in one town. Only the first player gets to be mayor.

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    Thanks to mnkboy907 for the villagers image and podracer35 for help in the last topic!

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