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    What About Once I’m in Others’ Towns?

    New Leaf has a rather sophisticated—and limited—online system at the same time. Once in others’ towns, you have access to all of their shops, oceans, islands, and other parts of their town. However, certain places will not interact with neither you nor the host—this includes the museum, among others. Other buildings are reserved for only the host, including Tom Nook’s real estate agency. Finally, some buildings have limited functions for guests, such as the post office. Also, villagers are more sophisticated in New Leaf (as opposed to Wild World) as they can remain outside when you have visitors.

    Also, with the addition of the locker in New Leaf’s train station, you can easily move items from one town to another. Items stored in one town’s locker will be accessible in any other town’s locker. Each player’s locker is specific to the individual, of course!

    Dream Mansion

    The Dream Mansion allows you to visit any other player in the world’s town and play in their town. However, any progress you make in their town will not be saved. Any changes will not be saved. The Dream Mansion must be built as a Community Project (see above). The only exception to the nothing-you-do-carries-over rule is patterns: these are brought over to your town.

    StreetPass Plaza

    The StreetPass Plaza is located to the north of the town. It allows you to visit other players’ model homes. These homes are fully furnished, and the StreetPass Plaza is very similar to Lyle’s Happy Home Academy from City Folk--just add more houses. The dog who runs the StreetPass Plaza is Kent.

    ~ IV. Frequently Asked Questions ~

    Q: Do you have any tips for making money?

    A: You have a few options. The first option is to invest heavily in the Stalk Market with turnips. This means that you will be buying tens of thousands of turnips each and every week. Watch for people with high turnip prices (or play in a group) and sell when their price is high. Mind you, they may charge an entry fee for you to sell, but it may be worth it depending on their price and the amount of turnips you have. The storage locker (see above) makes this turnip method MUCH easier.

    Another way to earn large swaths of money is to plant orchards of foreign fruit. Foreign fruit sells for 500 bells apiece, so you can make 1500 bells with every tree. Fruits also regenerate every three days, so it’s a rather sizeable profit with no initial investment. The only problem is the time it takes to harvest fruits—it can take upwards of two hours to harvest fruits. However, fruit baskets have mitigated a lot of that harvesting time.

    Finally, you can always catch fish and bugs at nighttime during the summer to rake in the big dough. Beetles are the big money-makers, given that they take minimal effort to catch, but can fetch over 10000 bells. Make sure you have your town set to night life and keep catching!

    Q: Does grass wear out in this game>

    A: Yes. The grass wear is less severe, though.

    Q: Are there more events this time around?

    A: Yes. There are many more events, but they’re localized to each region. For instance, there are Korean events that give specific Korean items, and there are specific Japanese events that give specific Japanese items, and so on.

    Q: Does Nook’s shop expand?

    A: Yes. It goes through five expansions this time; the fourth adds the aforementioned Garden store.

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