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    For those of you who played the GameCube with the GameBoy companion, you will recognize the return of the island! The island is basically a paradise where it is summer year-round--hence, exotic fish and bugs can be caught. Futhermore, there are plenty of fruits and plants available for bringing home to your town. On top of that, Tortimer, the ousted mayor, now lives on the island, allowing players to partake in mini-games. Players can earn medals from these games, and one can use these medals to buy wares from the island store. You get the island after paying off your second house loan and talking to Tortimer on the beach.


    For the first time ever, new fruit is available. In New Leaf, you can now find lemons, bananas, mangoes, persimmons, durians, and bamboo. These plants can be sold at Tom Nook’s shop, much like before. Furthermore, there are now “delicious” versions of fruit (referred to as perfect in the West) that randomly sprout up in your town. They sell for much more (1,150 bells as opposed to the usual 500 bells). HOWEVER, delicious trees are much more fragile than other trees, and they can stop sprouting delicious fruit.


    There are three new species: hamsters, deer, and alpacas. Villagers are even more sophisticated this time around, and they are now able to shake trees, plant flowers, and purchase wares from your shops. They can also move in anywhere into your town as they are no set plots to move to this time (watch your flowers!). Also, your town can now hold 10 villagers. Here’s a graphic of the new villagers:


    Credit to mnkboy907 for this image! :D

    Other New Features

    - New faces.
    - New eye colors.
    - Fruit baskets. These allow you to carry 9 fruits in one slot.
    - Pants, socks are new articles of clothing.
    - Patterns created are now QR codes (there are even apps on Android and iOS to create QR patterns from images and from scratch)
    - Items can be hung on the wall
    - Rocks can occasionally break
    - Fortune Cookies at the Nooklings Shop allow you to earn a random *special* item every day for two play coins (remember—one play coin is equal to one-hundred steps on your 3DS’ pedometer)

    ~ III. Wi- Fi ~

    Visiting Others’ Towns

    It is very easy to visit other players’ towns. You simply open up your gate to other players at the train station and they will come over and visit your town if you either (a) are in the local vicinity or (b) have him or her added in your friend list. This is very much like the other games. However, there are also other aspects of Wifi (including the Island, which was covered above). For more on adding players to your friend list, see this FAQ for the 3DS: http://ds.about.com/od/nintendods101/ht/How-To-Add-A-Friend-Code-On-Your-Nintendo-3ds.htm. Any Wifi connection will work (this is a change from the DS’ Wifi source restrictions).

    If you play locally, you’ll want to ensure that you are no more than 10 to 20 feet away from the host 3DS (especially when factoring walls or other obstacles into the equation). Local Wifi is not very strong.

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