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User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#1
Animal Crossing Message Board FAQ v2.00

WARNING: If you consider knowledge of items and new aspects “spoilers” (I don’t, but some might), I advise you to skip Sections II and III. You’ve been warned.

~ 0. Table of Contents ~

I. Introduction
II. What’s New?
III. Wifi
IV. Frequently Asked Questions
V. Sources

~ I. Introduction ~

What is Animal Crossing?

That’s a very good question! Animal Crossing is actually rather hard to define in words. Plainly put, Animal Crossing is a real-time virtual reality game, meaning that you control your own persona in a game that functions contemporaneously with real life. However, that definition is rather dry. In Animal Crossing, you live in a town that you can build from the ground up. Animal Crossing synthesizes many elements together to create a vacation-esque environment: you can fish, you can catch bugs, you can buy/trade/find furniture, you can plant flowers, you can manage your town, you can decorate, and you can make many (virtual!) friends. Your existence in Animal Crossing is almost like an alternate reality without the constraints of life (e.g., work, school, and so on).

Is there any “goal” in Animal Crossing?

No, not really. Animal Crossing is about as non-linear as it gets. There are a few checkpoints at the beginning of the game that help you get started, but how you build your town and fashion your avatar is largely free of any in-game guidance. Of course, you can always set in-game goals (“Today I want to plant an orchard!), but, like I said, these are self-imposed. Much of the game’s enjoyment is derived from you building your town up from scratch and creating a place you’d really want to live in.

For those of you who are familiar with past Animal Crossing games, I will say that New Leaf has a much more structured beginning, meaning that you do not have immediate access to everything after you complete the few benchmarks in the first hour.

Do I have to play every day? And at different times?

No, it’s not a requirement to play every day. However, certain things about your town will deteriorate over time (weeds will grow, flowers will die, and villagers will forget you), but preventative measures can be taken. If you can play once every two or three days, you should be fine. Here’s my disclaimer, though: the time investment to keep your town running is usually less than 15 minutes, and I believe that is manageable for most people. There are also preventative measures you can take if you want to mitigate the deterioration during, for instance, a vacation.

Playing at different times allows you to catch different fish and bugs, yes. Also, playing in different months and different seasons and on different events and holidays can yield specific items. However, if you have no qualms about messing with your town, you can “time travel” by changing the clock. This does affect your town (namely having the same effect as ignoring your game when you go forward in time), though.

What are/were the release dates?

Animal Crossing was released in both digital and physical form at the following dates for the following regions:

North America: June 9th, 2013
Europe: June 14th, 2013
Australia: June 15th, 2013
Japan: November 8th, 2012
Korea: February 7th, 2013

Luigi > Mario
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User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#2
I heard there’s a special 3DS bundle?

You heard correctly! There’s a nifty New Leaf bundle with a special edition white 3DS XL for $219.99 USD. (Prices vary from region-to-region). The game comes pre-loaded onto the 3DS, meaning that it is basically a digital download. This bundle is a slight discount over buying a 3DS XL and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, barring sales and discounts. Check local stores before they run out of this edition, or they discontinue the model!

Pic: (Cap’n doll not included)

Why is/was there such a delay in the American and European releases?

Usually, Animal Crossing is localized in production, meaning that the games can and will be released at the same time, much like Pokemon X and Y will be later this year in October. However, this wasn’t the case with Animal Crossing. There were many hypotheses as to why Animal Crossing was not released at the same time--ranging from the new cartridge needed for Animal Crossing to the lack of side-by-side localization--but these are largely unfounded.

What were the previous Animal Crossing games?

Animal Crossing for the GameCube, Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS, and Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii. There are a few periphery components and additions, but they’re either mostly irrelevant or very hard to find.

~ II. What’s New? ~

Considering how expansive the additions are to New Leaf, it’s only fitting that this aspect deserves a whole section in this mini-guide! New Leaf has added a great deal of new content, and, while all of it simply cannot be covered in this guide without lapsing onto a second page, I will attempt to cover the big changes and additions.

Mayoral Duties

In this game, you are now the mayor of your quaint little village! This means that you have basic mayoral duties and controls over your citizens. You also gain the assistance of Isabelle, the lovely little pooch who happens to be your personal assistant. Trust me when I say she’s no Navi :) Anyway, as mayor, you can engage in Community Projects (see below) and you can “specialize” your city to, for example, night life or money.

Community Projects

The biggest change in New Leaf is the fact that you’re now head-honcho of the town; rather than bustling through town as a lowly resident, you’re now the mayor of your fair town! One of your new abilities as mayor is to plan, finance, build, and manage Community Projects. Want a bridge at xyz point along your river? Buy one. Want a flower bed in front of the town hall? Buy one. It’s that simple! Community Projects are oftentimes VERY expensive, climbing into the hundreds of thousands of bells (the currency for Animal Crossing). Hence, they take a lot of effort to finance and organize. Animals in your town will help initialize Community Projects, and they will also help contribute funds to the cause. However, you can only have one Community Project going at a time. Furthermore, you can only have 30 Community Projects in your town. To demolish a Community Project, you must pay approximately 10% of the Community Project’s initial build price. Also of note is that no Community Projects may be built during event days. I usually don’t list out new content, but I feel this list is well worth it to give you an idea of the new stuff added. Here’s a running list of the Community Projects available:

Luigi > Mario
Current Project
: Animal Crossing: New Leaf FAQ/Walkthrough

User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#3
- Dream Mansion
- House of Fortune
- Museum 2nd Floor
- Café
- Campsite
- Police Station
- Reset Surveillance Center
- Town Hall Appearance
- Train Station Appearance
- Stone Bridge
- Wooden Bridge
- Brick Bridge
- Fairytale Bridge
- Modern Bridge
- Japanese Style Bridge
- Standard Light
- Round Light
- Retro Light
- Fairytale Light
- Modern Light
- Japanese Style Light
- Torch
- Heart Illumination
- Standard Clock
- Fairytale Clock Tower
- Modern Clock Tower
- Japanese Clock Tower
- Illuminated Clock
- Floral Clock
- Park Bench
- Log
- Wooden Bench
- Plastic Bench
- Metal Bench
- Fairytale Bench
- Modern Bench
- Japanese Style Bench
- Playground Tire
- Clay Pipe
- Artistic Bench
- Picnic Set
- Balloon Arch
- Floral Arch
- Illuminated Arch
- Artistic Arch
- Faceboard
- Signboard
- Round Sign
- Diamond Sign
- Triangle Sign
- Electronic Sign
- Fire Hydrant
- Instrument Shelter
- Trash Can
- Drinking Fountain
- Hand Pump
- Well
- Geyser
- Hot Spring
- Bell Tower
- Japanese Style Bell
- Scarecrow
- Flowerbed
- Sandpit
- Japanese Style Garden
- Campfire
- Garden Chair
- Outdoor Bed
- Hammock
- Jungle Gym
- Solar Panel
- Wind Turbine
- Oil Drill
- Enclosure
- Fountain
- Bus Shelter
- Satellite
- Stadium Light
- Artistic Statue
- Billboard
- Illuminated Tower
- Tower
- Round Topiary
- Square Topiary
- Tulip Topiary


There was originally one shop. Then there was two. Then there was four. Now there’s a lot more! In New Leaf, there’s now a real estate agency run by Tom Nook, the normal Tom Nook’s-esque shop run by Timmy and Tommy, a recycling store run by some alpacas, the new Shoe Shanks store that sells footwear, a gardening store, a new Club 101 run by Dr. Shrunk with performances by K.K, a new Museum Store, Shampoodles, Able Sister’s, and Labelle’s hat shop..

Fish and Bugs

Of course, there are a few additions to the bugs and fish obtainable in your town. In addition to all of the creatures that were found in City Folk, the following fish and bugs have been added:

- Hermit Crab
- Redback Spider
- Tiger Beetle
- Wharf Roach

- Blowfish
- Chinese Mitten Crab
- Giant Trevally
- Oarfish
- Saddled Bichir
- Sawshark
- Soft Shelled Turtle
- Tadpoles
- Whale Shark


On top of fishing and bug-catching, there is now a new means through which to catch wildlife: diving! In New Leaf, you can now swim in the oceans. However, to be able to dive, you need a marine suit which you can buy at the island. Diving is rather straightforward; here is the new wildlife obtainable via diving:

- Seaweed
- Sea Grapes
- Sea Urchin
- Barnacle
- Oyster
- Horned Shell
- Abalone
- Tokobushi
- Clam
- Pearl Oyster
- Scallop
- Sea Anemone
- Starfish
- Sea Cucumber
- Nudibranch
- Polycladida
- Oratosquilla
- Borealis
- Prawn
- Ise Prawn
- Lobster
- Snow Crab
- Horsehair Crab
- Red King Crap
- Spider Crab
- Octopus
- Garden Eel
- Nautilus
- Tridentatus
- Isopod

Luigi > Mario
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: Animal Crossing: New Leaf FAQ/Walkthrough

User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#4

For those of you who played the GameCube with the GameBoy companion, you will recognize the return of the island! The island is basically a paradise where it is summer year-round--hence, exotic fish and bugs can be caught. Futhermore, there are plenty of fruits and plants available for bringing home to your town. On top of that, Tortimer, the ousted mayor, now lives on the island, allowing players to partake in mini-games. Players can earn medals from these games, and one can use these medals to buy wares from the island store. You get the island after paying off your second house loan and talking to Tortimer on the beach.


For the first time ever, new fruit is available. In New Leaf, you can now find lemons, bananas, mangoes, persimmons, durians, and bamboo. These plants can be sold at Tom Nook’s shop, much like before. Furthermore, there are now “delicious” versions of fruit (referred to as perfect in the West) that randomly sprout up in your town. They sell for much more (1,150 bells as opposed to the usual 500 bells). HOWEVER, delicious trees are much more fragile than other trees, and they can stop sprouting delicious fruit.


There are three new species: hamsters, deer, and alpacas. Villagers are even more sophisticated this time around, and they are now able to shake trees, plant flowers, and purchase wares from your shops. They can also move in anywhere into your town as they are no set plots to move to this time (watch your flowers!). Also, your town can now hold 10 villagers. Here’s a graphic of the new villagers:

Credit to mnkboy907 for this image! :D

Other New Features

- New faces.
- New eye colors.
- Fruit baskets. These allow you to carry 9 fruits in one slot.
- Pants, socks are new articles of clothing.
- Patterns created are now QR codes (there are even apps on Android and iOS to create QR patterns from images and from scratch)
- Items can be hung on the wall
- Rocks can occasionally break
- Fortune Cookies at the Nooklings Shop allow you to earn a random *special* item every day for two play coins (remember—one play coin is equal to one-hundred steps on your 3DS’ pedometer)

~ III. Wi- Fi ~

Visiting Others’ Towns

It is very easy to visit other players’ towns. You simply open up your gate to other players at the train station and they will come over and visit your town if you either (a) are in the local vicinity or (b) have him or her added in your friend list. This is very much like the other games. However, there are also other aspects of Wifi (including the Island, which was covered above). For more on adding players to your friend list, see this FAQ for the 3DS: Any Wifi connection will work (this is a change from the DS’ Wifi source restrictions).

If you play locally, you’ll want to ensure that you are no more than 10 to 20 feet away from the host 3DS (especially when factoring walls or other obstacles into the equation). Local Wifi is not very strong.

Luigi > Mario
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: Animal Crossing: New Leaf FAQ/Walkthrough

User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#5
What About Once I’m in Others’ Towns?

New Leaf has a rather sophisticated—and limited—online system at the same time. Once in others’ towns, you have access to all of their shops, oceans, islands, and other parts of their town. However, certain places will not interact with neither you nor the host—this includes the museum, among others. Other buildings are reserved for only the host, including Tom Nook’s real estate agency. Finally, some buildings have limited functions for guests, such as the post office. Also, villagers are more sophisticated in New Leaf (as opposed to Wild World) as they can remain outside when you have visitors.

Also, with the addition of the locker in New Leaf’s train station, you can easily move items from one town to another. Items stored in one town’s locker will be accessible in any other town’s locker. Each player’s locker is specific to the individual, of course!

Dream Mansion

The Dream Mansion allows you to visit any other player in the world’s town and play in their town. However, any progress you make in their town will not be saved. Any changes will not be saved. The Dream Mansion must be built as a Community Project (see above). The only exception to the nothing-you-do-carries-over rule is patterns: these are brought over to your town.

StreetPass Plaza

The StreetPass Plaza is located to the north of the town. It allows you to visit other players’ model homes. These homes are fully furnished, and the StreetPass Plaza is very similar to Lyle’s Happy Home Academy from City Folk--just add more houses. The dog who runs the StreetPass Plaza is Kent.

~ IV. Frequently Asked Questions ~

Q: Do you have any tips for making money?

A: You have a few options. The first option is to invest heavily in the Stalk Market with turnips. This means that you will be buying tens of thousands of turnips each and every week. Watch for people with high turnip prices (or play in a group) and sell when their price is high. Mind you, they may charge an entry fee for you to sell, but it may be worth it depending on their price and the amount of turnips you have. The storage locker (see above) makes this turnip method MUCH easier.

Another way to earn large swaths of money is to plant orchards of foreign fruit. Foreign fruit sells for 500 bells apiece, so you can make 1500 bells with every tree. Fruits also regenerate every three days, so it’s a rather sizeable profit with no initial investment. The only problem is the time it takes to harvest fruits—it can take upwards of two hours to harvest fruits. However, fruit baskets have mitigated a lot of that harvesting time.

Finally, you can always catch fish and bugs at nighttime during the summer to rake in the big dough. Beetles are the big money-makers, given that they take minimal effort to catch, but can fetch over 10000 bells. Make sure you have your town set to night life and keep catching!

Q: Does grass wear out in this game>

A: Yes. The grass wear is less severe, though.

Q: Are there more events this time around?

A: Yes. There are many more events, but they’re localized to each region. For instance, there are Korean events that give specific Korean items, and there are specific Japanese events that give specific Japanese items, and so on.

Q: Does Nook’s shop expand?

A: Yes. It goes through five expansions this time; the fourth adds the aforementioned Garden store.

Luigi > Mario
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: Animal Crossing: New Leaf FAQ/Walkthrough

User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#6
Q: What happened to Redd?

Redd, Katrina, Wendell, and Sahara all visit your town from time-to-time.

Q: Are there any new animal moods?

A: Yep! There is now smug and big sis/uchi. Both are more mature personalities.

Q: Is it possible to have two towns in one 3DS?

A: Sadly, no. You cannot have two towns even with the use of SD cards. Your 3DS will automatically delete one of the towns. You need another 3DS to have another town.

Q: Do gold tools return? Are there any new tools?

A: Yes and no.

Q: Has the catalog changed?

A: Not really. However, there is an added search feature!

Q: Are the games region-locked?

A: Yes, they are. This means that you cannot play a Japanese version on an American 3DS or vice-versa. However, you can visit towns from any region, meaning that you can pick up region-exclusive items and DLC in other regions.

Q: Is this a single-player game?

A: I advise many to play this as a single-player game (it works better), but you can have four player profiles in one town. Only the first player gets to be mayor.

~ V. Sources ~

Thanks to mnkboy907 for the villagers image and podracer35 for help in the last topic!

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User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#7
Hi everyone, so this is the newest and most up-to-date version I have of the Message Board Help FAQ. It would be much appreciated if you're Level 31 or over if you could go to the Message Detail of the first post and request a sticky. Under reason, please put something along the lines of, "update for stickied thread" or something along those lines. Every sticky request is much appreciated!

This will likely be the final version of this FAQ, so any amendment should and will be clearly posted as such in this topic. Most will likely be an extension of Section IV as more questions crop up.

Also, thanks to everyone who participated in the last topic, and have fun with Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

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User Info: xJehodx

5 years ago#8
Awesome information, sticky requested.
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User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#9
xJehodx posted...
Awesome information, sticky requested.

Thank you :)
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User Info: OpShaft

5 years ago#10
Disregard females, acquire currency.
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