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User Info: Draque777

7 years ago#1
I dunno if someone already post this.
If you fight free batlle (hard) in Shiba park day 3 when you analyze data from smart phone like in battlefield the game will error and 3DS will restart !
this only happen when you analyze data from smart phone in lower left corner of the battlefield, but it seem okay if the smart phone in upper left corner.
dunno if this happen to everyone though.

User Info: MettanAtem

7 years ago#2
The same kind of bug has happened to me after defeating Beldr on Day 3.

I think this game has a problem with the graphics effect in which a sprite disappears by simply fading.

User Info: Draque777

7 years ago#3
the bug you mention same as me( free battle) or after you beat Beldr the game restart?
you can continue the game after beat Beldr right?
the game story i mean

User Info: System Error

System Error
7 years ago#4
Having encountered a similar problem in the normal free battle on Day 6, I have a theory. Occasionally, when scanning those devices with a demon who has a skill they haven't yet learned (grayed out), they get blessed with holy power and learn the skill early. So I had a Ruhk who learned Mabufudnye way before Level 47.

However, if you have a demon with more than one unlearned skill (or possibly two with demons), it doesn't work. So for example, I had an Abaddon with Null Ice and Anti-Most unlearned. I suspended, and three times in a row when looking at the device with the character with it in their party, game freeze. I take the Abaddon out, and just get Macca with no freeze. Coincidence? Maybe.

Some people saying having WiFi off can help, too.
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User Info: Draque777

7 years ago#5
thanks man!
I'll remember it
great info.
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