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User Info: Hirfin

7 years ago#1
Well, I had to ask to be sure but...

Here's the situation:

I started playing Soul Hackers yesterday, for about two hours when I decided I wasn't happy with how everything worked out. Weak team, bad stats for MC, etc. so I decided to start a new game.

Skip the blablabla, and directly up to the first "dungeon"


Where you save Leader for the first time

*End of spoilers*

And, well, I'm stuck with the Dying status. I can't do a single step inside the building without dying and looking at a beautiful Game Over.

I don't know if this is a comon bug, but even if I start another new game, I still keep having the same error.

And I did everything like the first time...

User Info: Argonisgema

7 years ago#2
you take damage when you take a step are you poisoned ?
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User Info: Hirfin

7 years ago#3
The MC has the Dying status, and when I take a single step inside the building, I die.

Simple as that. No battle, or any effects whatsoever. I just...die.

I'm just trying to understand if this is a bug or not...

User Info: zavlinz

7 years ago#4
can you get his status cured at the mall?

User Info: Hirfin

7 years ago#5
I'm pretty sure I can't since it's even before you meet with the "special someone" on the boat to repair your COMP...and at the same time, telling you about the help you can get from some people.

User Info: Dragard_Kaos

7 years ago#6
How did you even get that status?
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User Info: Hirfin

7 years ago#7
That is actually a reeeeaaallly good question. It appears after the first vision with Urabe. Stuck with it and can't heal it. So I just keep dying when I enter the first "infested" building.

The weird thing is, even if I start new games, they always do that. I don't understand...

User Info: 1upsuper

7 years ago#8
I don't mean to cause offense but, this is a legitimate copy, yes?

User Info: scorch109

7 years ago#9
There isn't successful 3ds piracy yet so it's highly doubtful it's anything but legitimate.
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User Info: Hirfin

7 years ago#10
Bought yesterday at Ebgames, yes this is a legitimate copy. I just don't get it...
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