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How cool would the story/plot be if it starred Hitomi & not Mr. Nameless? Story/PlotExa_Man611/20 3:27AM
Whar is thr point of starting the game over by (SPOILER) Story/PlotExa_Man610/25 10:38AM
A Devil Summoner Discord!Superesse310/24 9:13AM
Lucifrost not appearing HelpCyberMewtwo21210/20 5:03PM
A little help to make demons HelpFabioGnecco910/10 3:54AM
might be the 1st smt game i quit
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
kidrobot149/2 10:46PM
Please recommend me some good demons/skills for Manitou HelpExa_Man65/21 8:38PM
Just got my ass beat by a goddamn dolphinMediocre_Dunce74/29 6:07PM
Is there any software chips to install to speed up MC/Nemissa's level-up?Exa_Man34/6 10:56AM
Games with a similar atmosphere to Soul Hackers?Dagamingphoenix63/21 8:52PM
Can we all agree that Nemissa is SMT's best girl....Exa_Man33/14 7:38PM
So how difficult is Soul Hacker?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
cheatermaster151/14 3:28PM
Is there any paid/free DLC in this game?gbpackers512/10 1:37PM
Can I recruit non-smiley face demons?Fervdoesntdream27/16/2019
Does Luck stat affect Casino minigames?Fervdoesntdream15/18/2019
I thinking in buying a german copy of this game , can i still play in english?flashboy66625/11/2019
New game + and hacksIsoulle11/20/2019
Just got this game, need adviceFervdoesntdream41/20/2019
Some detailed fusions for Lucifrost, Shiva, and AlilatSorontar61/18/2019
MC stat advice - which of these remaining stats to raise?Sorontar11/16/2019
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