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  3. new 3DS update helps with framerate issues
GameMaster14GM 8 years ago#1
it supposedly boost performance of the 3DS to reduce framerate drops to games that are prone to it, ive noticed the game doesnt skip as much as it used to, i'd suggest you guys to try it out.
Neo1661 8 years ago#2
Demo as well or just the full game? Find it hard to believe tbh.
genandnic 8 years ago#3
Oh? I haven't noticed anything different.
grans 8 years ago#4
From: Neo1661 | #002
Demo as well or just the full game? Find it hard to believe tbh.

The demo isn't any better for me. Though from what has been said on the main 3DS board, it may only affect the full versions of games. I'm not entirely sure myself. People have said it improves Sonic And Sega Allstars Racing Transformed. Again I didn't see any noticeably improvement (if any) to the demo, but multiple people have stated that the full version had the framerate and stuttering improved.

I don't own the full version of Snake Eater 3D, but I do own the full version of Kingdom Hearts 3D. KH3D is notorious for its rather bad and very prone to being low and unstable framerate. I could swear i'm not seeing nearly as much stuttering as I did before the update. There were some parts of the game that would drop major frames just while walking about and not even fighting any enemies or whatever, i'm not noticing any problems in those areas much anymore. Even when a lot is happening onscreen the game seems to run much more consistently than it did before.

If anyone can further confirm this by trying the full versions of games that had framerate problems, it would be appreciated. The demos I have tried with framerate issues aren't any better than they were, so it's the full versions we need to know about. Most of Ubisoft's games have very poor framerates for instance (Rayman 3D, Splinter Cell 3D, Rayman Origins).

If there is any truth to this, I wonder what exactly changed in the update... Freed up system resources, fixed performance hogging bugs and apps, optimized the background tasks, or perhaps even overclocked the 3DS' processor and/or GPU (like the PSP had a firmware update to allow users to overclock their system at the expense of battery power)?
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genandnic 8 years ago#5
Actually, I just replayed through the Shagohod chase scene and it does seem to be playing without any framerate drops. Hopefully it's not just a placebo effect.
GameMaster14GM 8 years ago#6
the game runs in 30fps with or without 3D im assuming or something lesser but stable, then drops even more prior to the update. Now it seems solid (no pun intended), and doesnt drop to anything severely poor, but its still nice.

Im currently replaying the game, parts where i remember massive framerate drops were the boss fight with The Fury (flamethrower guy if im not mistaken) so ill let you know how that goes.
grans 8 years ago#7
Actually the game runs at a maximum of 20fps, not 30. It's one of the numerous unfortunate things about this port in comparison to the original game. Digital Foundry even recorded footage from the demo and monitored the framerate with a piece of software (though it's already quite easy to tell the game is running well below 30fps even without a piece of software to tell you this). The game never performed higher than 20fps at any point during the entire test. The developers appear to have deliberately programmed a cap on the framerate so that it can't ever run smoother than 20fps. And because of this deliberate cap, it's unlikely that the game will ever run higher than that regardless of what improvements were made in the update. Now there are plenty of places where the game will drop well below 20fps, and that's probably where you'll see any potential improvements if there are any for this game. Like my testing of Kingdom Hearts 3D, it could help keep the game running at its intended max framerate cap more consistently without as many (or as bad) drops below it. But the update isn't likely to be able to override a framerate cap built into the game code itself. Konami would need to release a patch for that to happen (or a hack would have to be made, and that won't be happening anytime soon).

Gameplay didn't even have the worst drops, it was cutscenes that ran so badly and frequently dropped far below 20fps. At times reaching into the low teens and single digits of choppiness. The skydiving portion of the intro cutscene for example has parts that become so ridiculously choppy that one can hardly call it motion anymore when it drops like that, almost more like a slideshow. I'd be interested to know whether any of the cutscenes run better now.
NEVER judge a game you have not played.
TendaShy 8 years ago#8
I tried it out recently and didn't notice an improvement with the gameplay framerate.
Some of the cutscenes seemed less stuttery than I remembered, but that could just be placebo effect.
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weegee753 8 years ago#9
genandnic posted...
Hopefully it's not just a placebo effect.

Haha! xD I tried the game after the update and I was wondering if it was placebo effect too.
bcornelia 8 years ago#10
I played from The Pain through to The End and didn't notice any improvements, especially not in the cutscenes (still as jittery as ever).

If the update did improve performance, the difference is negligible.
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  3. new 3DS update helps with framerate issues
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