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User Info: Always2ndRate

1 month ago#1
I'm just getting started and planning on running a 3-RM party because I want to blow things up the whole game. I have a Fortress in the front (don't know what I'll sub yet), but can't decide on a 5th party member to fill the last slot. Help?

User Info: YoruWestwood

1 month ago#2
If you want to boost your damage, go with a Medic or sub Medic. Landshark/Medic is an option for Landshark's class skill + Star Drop to boost your damage and provide an accuracy bonus. L/M has weak healing, but that doesn't really matter since Full Heal will heal Fortress to full health regardless. L/M Star Drop + class skill is usually more of a damage boost compared to a Medic main Star Drop, but due to diminishing returns the gap isn't all that large. Medic Star Drop can actually pull ahead with enough damage effects stacked.

Medic main can work over L/M, since the addition of an extra damage boost from subclass usually pushes it ahead in damage boosting. M/I can use Hawkeye + Star Drop, which will be a larger damage boost at the cost of spending a turn setting up Hawkeye. M/R is also an option, so that Medic can use Fire/Ice/Volt Rune to free up turns on the Runemasters. Half rank Fire/Ice/Volt Rune is barely weaker than a max rank (1.3 vs 1.35) and allows all three Runemasters to have a free turn for Runic Gleam, which results in a significant damage boost overall.

If boosting the damage of the Runemasters isn't your main goal, you can throw in any damage dealer. A fourth Runemaster is an option. A Linkshark can even work, though you'd only be able to reach 8 procs with Galvanic/Glacier Rune. You could throw in an extra support class like Arcanist, which can be nice to have, but far from necessary. Arcanist may be able to consistently shut down random encounters with binds and ailments, but is inconsistent against bosses and FOEs. Shutting down random encounters isn't a huge boon since triple Runemaster should be able to nuke everything down anyway,

User Info: Always2ndRate

1 month ago#3
You're fantastic. Thank you for the incredibly detailed response! The M/R sounds like a winner to me!
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