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User Info: YoruWestwood

2 months ago#21

Storm Emperor is down and this didn't take nearly as many attempts as Great Dragon did. I'd assume it was due to my higher level, but I doubt the difference in success rate between the fights was actually that big. I just happened to have a lucky run fairly early in my attempts. Volt Breath missed every time it was used and sleep lasted long enough for me to set up everything I wanted. Now I'm just one boss away from unlocking max level.

User Info: YoruWestwood

2 months ago#22

Blizzard King is down and I finally have access to level 99. That said, I'm planning to hold off on going for the level 99 retirement bonuses and just sticking with the level 70 bonuses for now. I'm also going to hold off on grinding up another fully forged 6-slot weapon so that I still have a little room to grow between Fallen One and Warped Savior. Fallen One will probably be a challenge, but he should be beatable. Warped Savior is technically beatable solo, even without using chemicals, but I don't know if it'll be at all reasonable for solo Sniper. Fallen One might end up being the last boss killed in this run.

User Info: YoruWestwood

2 months ago#23

Fallen One is down. I thought the run was over when that panic landed so close to Supernova, but it fell off just in time. I had a lot of dodges, but that wasn't exclusive to this run. It seems Fallen One just has bad aim.

This fight wasn't all the bad, all things considered. The most threatening attack was Bloody Blade. Supernova was easy to stop since Head Snipe had almost a 100% infliction chance and there was no accumulated resistance. Everything else either didn't deal that much damage or had a high chance to miss. The only other concern was the occasional ailment, which had a fairly low chance of happening.

Now in preparation for Warped Savior I'm going to need to grind to 99R99 and fight Fallen One another 7 times. I'll also need to avoid getting his conditional drop in every run, since I need the regular drop for the second best katana. So far Heavenbringer has been the most difficult fight of the run, but that'll probably change once I attempt Warped Savior.

This might end up being the end of this run, though. Warped Savior is definitely possible for Solo Sniper even without chemicals, but I don't know if the success rate will be high enough to be at all reasonable. If I end up finding chemmed Warped Savior too much, I might just have to call it here.

User Info: Sandor_Clause

2 months ago#24
YoruWestwood posted...
Fallen One is down.

Well, yeah. It says right in his name. Anyway, good luck.
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