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User Info: Acuros

6 months ago#21
Just noticed: Trick Samba would be a bad idea anyways ... it will consume Charge Edge effect on turn 6, won't it?

One of my goals was to let everyone survive ... okay, not really important. But "stylish" ;)
So I checked out a L/I:
Thanks to Vanguard, the Dancer (and no one else) must die. And the problems about turn speed and hit rate are also both solved. The L/I uses full 19 ATK forges (instead of a mix) because Geo Impact + Charge Edge + Flame Drive will deal more damage this way ... a whooping 46 more ;D
Could you double-check this? I believe, damage is enough, but four eyes are better than two:

L/I (Yggdrasil Prince 8ATK, Iron Gloves 1ATK, L-Armor 2ATK, Lion Medal 8ATK):
Geo Impact = 1,57×87×4×1,4×1,35×1,2×1,4×1,21×1,11 = 2330
Charge Edge = 1,33×87×3×1,4×1,35×1,2×1,15×1,4×1,21×1,11 = 2009
Flame Drive = 1,35×1,57×87×6,7×2,4×1,35×1,3×1,15×1,4×1,21×1,11×1,09 = 12265
R/B(sum): 1,35×(1,78+1,78+1,51)×297×1,25×1,5×1,4×1,2×1,15×1,45×1,38×(1,31+1,32)×1,19×1,17 = 53956
Including chip damage from appendix nuking, Sharp Edge and Star Drop, you would reach a little bit more than 71000 damage. Burst gain wise nothing changes.
L/I's actions: Rear Guard (D), Rear Guard (R3), Vanguard, Sharp Edge, Charge Edge, Flame Drive

Edit: Using Lv3 Blood Surge is an option. This would increase damage by at least 1700.
(edited 6 months ago)

User Info: Acuros

6 months ago#22
Ah, well ... the excitement got the better of me - the third R/B is still a slowpoke on turn 6.
And Rear Guard's duration is too high to push it out of buff stack with sth. like a Stonard ... applying on turn 1 isn't possible, but even that would not be "early enough". And Quick Step on turn 6 results in too much damage loss.

So ... yeah ... in the end it will win, but with 2 dead characters - not exactly my initial goal ;(

By the way: Equipping two Yggdrasil Daggers on the third R/B, along with their Class armor + the letter with 2 BRS is better than using Yagrush + Boots concerning damage and defense - minimal burst gain with this setup is exactly 100.

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User Info: mynameisrocket

4 months ago#25
YoruWestwood posted...
Attack Tango can be stacked if they are in different buff slots. I'd have to test things out and try adjusting the strategy to handle other issues. There are ways to squeeze more damage out if I need to throw on a Velocity Choker or something. I'd have to see the specifics if/when I get around to testing. I'm not going to have time for that in the next few weeks, so it'd have to wait until after that.

Jesus christmas I never noticed that about Attack Tango! That's gotta be an error lol
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User Info: TheBlackX

1 month ago#26
Made it in 3 turns, with eye still closed and only 3 chars. Shame on you Warpy.
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