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User Info: sledgefang

4 years ago#61
This FAQ is awesome. I had this glitch so i dropped approximately 4 times and it worked! Everything went back to normal. Riku's and Sora's portals are now working just fine and I'm able to access any portal on the forecast that wasn't completed.

User Info: MultiKoopa

4 years ago#62
Kashi294 posted...

I have combed over many different discussion boards about the portals in Dream Drop Distance and i can't find anything on the glitch I'm having. So I just purchased the game and am completely done with Traverse town as in I have found all the chests and beat the boss with both Riku and sora.

Here's my problem I can't seem to get secret portals 4-6 to appear for either character. I have completed the first three special portals for both Sora and Riku, but portals 4-6 do not appear and I have been dropping for about an hour now. I have also tried switching the game on and off and I have also tried leaving and re-entering Traverse town from a different location.

I'm having this problem too. I think you have to wait until you complete the next 3 worlds, and then return to Traverse Town. I believe this is specifically done so that there is absolutely no way for you to get Thundaga early on.
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User Info: anustart89

3 years ago#63
Perhaps I just dont know enough but I feel like Im dealing with this glitch. Im stuck at young xehanort with riku and want to get once more and second chance. Problem is Sora is unavailable at this point in the game so I cant drop. Ergo I cant reset forecasts so I have no idea if I am even getting soras forecast with riku.

User Info: Nanani

3 years ago#64
"This is one that is, as far as we know, exclusive to the NA/EU Versions of the game."

Nope, just got this glitch on my JP copy of the game (replaying 3 years after my first play through, I don't know if this occurred before the JP version's patch or not.)
- Spork Goddess Nanani

User Info: ItsAhMii

2 years ago#65
Is anyone having a problem with portals appearing after Sora permasleeps at the end of the game? I've gone to every world with Riku, and the only portals that exist I either never finished or they're the portals where I borrow spirits.

User Info: pandabearkat

1 year ago#66
So I didn't take the time to read everyone's comments but I wanted to chime in with what I just came across. Some of these special portals do not appear on your map, but are there!!! Like, I have been using my Forcast correctly, along with locations-both-riku-sora.html for special portal locations and became furious when 2 portals in La Cite des Cloches for Sora wouldn't appear by map in the said locations, Meow Wow with Malleable Fantasy in the Nave and Necho Cat in Town, and said to myself (after Forcasting Meow Wow for the 3rd time with no special portal in the world regardless of drops or Rikku being in the world) "just look around EVERYWHERE in the said locations before giving up!" And low and behold, in the Nave on the upper-top right was a freaking special portal that was NOT showing on my map. And yes it had the Malleable Fantasy!!! It's no glitch, it just has to be found. But I know for a fact not all special portals are like this, some actually do show on map without having to be found first. Headed to 100%

User Info: pandabearkat

1 year ago#67
Okay, no, so they are not "not showing on the map," I simply didn't re-check my map after elevating to the upper floor of the Nave for Meow Wow. I didn't realize that the portals only show on the map if you are physically on on the same floor as the portal, so don't forget to re-check your map after using stairs or ramping down in a room (such as the 3 floors in the Grand Lobby of Muskateer Country). Also, some are in little rooms that you had to use reality shifts on to open, but do not show on your map unless you enter the tiny room and re-check your map. Need to delete my other comment, it is misleading...

User Info: X13ShadowGamer

11 months ago#68
Crap, i ended up overwriting my cleared save that had this glitch with my proud mode save and dibpdnt care to much. Now that i know it was fixable i really wished i payed more attention

User Info: The_69th_Poster

11 months ago#69
Glitches are sexy!
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