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User Info: Herr_Edgeworth

6 years ago#21
You, sir, are a gentleman who deserves the highest praise.
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User Info: dozingdevil

6 years ago#22
CirrusStrafe posted...
Now all you need to do is tell us what dispositions unlock things, and how much of each material is needed to get S rank DE creation, and tell us what their overall unaltered max stats are at max level, and you can have a bona fide FAQ!

i know someone is currently working on which dispositions unlock board expansions.

i believe stats can change slightly even if they're the same rank.

also you're kidding? I'm not training every dream eater to max haha.

I'll definitely think about finding out how many materials are needed to make everything S-rank, but that will probably take a couple of days.
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User Info: ShadowOfDeath

6 years ago#24
has anyone figured out a good team of 3 that maximizes abilities? would a team that includes more "status"-blocks be better or a team of magic/attack-boost?
I thought for star-rank spirits, you need to have 5x the amount of each necessary material and create the spirit on a Risky Winds day. That's what I've been doing so far. Even if you have 99 of a required material and only 5 of the other, the spirit will only be like rank D or so. It has to be 5x of each.

But that's for E-rank spirits. I don't know if this applies to higher-ranking spirits.

User Info: dozingdevil

6 years ago#26
i know for a fact i didnt use 5x of everything to create all my s-rank spirits so you could be right about the E-ranking spirits.

(how many would it take for an f-rank? i found one f-rank in manual creation)
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User Info: Speyeker

6 years ago#27
Thank you so much!!!

User Info: Crabhammar

6 years ago#28
ugh... uhh... yeeeah...


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User Info: Agrias

6 years ago#29

User Info: a_lil_monster

6 years ago#30
What do the asterisks indicate? Or did you say that and I miss it?
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