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  3. Just tried playing this on my New 2ds XL and....

User Info: Andronicus87

7 months ago#1
I shoulda kept my old 3ds that fit in my circle pad pro for this game... the c stick nubbin sucks big time. I like to play this game on the go I guess I'll have to get the switch version for that now.... problem is switch battery life sucks and I already beat and unlocked everything in this game and I don't really want to do it again lmao.
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User Info: SS4kronos33

7 months ago#2
just get another 3ds xl
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User Info: ArcadianVyse

4 weeks ago#3
I agree the nub is no good with this game, I have the sane system. I choose to use control type A instead.
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User Info: Bonampak

1 week ago#4
I never had a problem playing this game with the OG 3DS.

In fact, when I upgraded to a 3DS XL and the game asks me if I want to use the extra circle pad (nub) I reply "no". Because I'm quite comfortable playing the game as I did on the OG 3DS.

I've beaten the game on the hardest setting (with no health items allowed) without any issues.

I have to think that TC begun playing games on the PS2 or PS3 and finds it impossible to play 3d games using just one analog pad.
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  3. Just tried playing this on my New 2ds XL and....
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