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User Info: Nukleen

2 years ago#1
While we're at it, would you prefer a sequel or a remaster? - Results (275 votes)
A sequel
54.18% (149 votes)
A remaster
12.73% (35 votes)
33.09% (91 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I've been thinking about how awesome a new KI game on
the Switch could be, if it actually came what would you like to see?

User Info: Nukleen

2 years ago#2
For me...

Story -

I don't even know what I'd want for the story, Hades technically isn't dead and there were characters that were left out of uprising. Theres plenty of other Greek mythological deities. I don't think it would be that hard to whip something up... Maybe there could be a level where you rencounter Phhyron and he's a fully automated AI now and another level where you have to play as sidescroller Pit again or something..

Online -

More online modes like ranked matches, 1v1's, custom rules etc

Default 3v3 mode for LvD with 4v4 option and up to 8 player FFA (health gauge increase if playing on the new options)

Online weapon trading between friends

In-game Tournament, clan, and allegiance systems

Free button map for Sky Jump

Things from Uprising's solo mode; Be able to ride in the Exo tank (if items enabled, can be turned off), Crisis mode for angels, Power of flight - Temporarily activate the power of flight (has to be charged up), Angel 1v1 - Like how on CH6 when you fight Dark Pit at the end, maybe the map will spawn another platform that you need the PoF to get to and you can have a timed angel 1v1 with the ability to use special attacks before decending to the regular stage

Other stuff

- The ability to transfer old weapons via Amiibo

- More co-operative powers E.g. Benevolence - Opposite of spite, Donates all your remaining health to your teammates, if your Angel is out it goes them and you can't play until the next round. 1 use only.

- Any other 'extras' we got from Uprising but better and in HD

Also, I'd like just a sequel so they could focus their efforts on just that

By the way what buffs or nerfs would you want?

User Info: YoshiDB

2 years ago#3
A remaster AND a sequel would definitely be nice. Who's to say Pit doesnt deserve both?

But if I had to pick, I'd definitely go with a sequel. The lore could expand more to include the other Greek Gods and Goddesses, and they could each give a twist to the game somehow, whether it would be giving Pit quests, weapons, advice etc. Background stories for the main characters would also be nice. Where did Magnus come from? What was Skyworld like before Medusa was banished? What was Palutena and Viridi like before Pit came along?

So many questions of mine need answers, but they may go unanswered because Nintendo doesn't care about the franchise and is showing no signs that they will ever give Pit another chance. Hopefully I'm wrong and there will be something at E3 this year.
Hyped for the Gen 4 remakes!

User Info: Nukleen

2 years ago#4
Those are some really good ideas, I hope a new KI game comes too..

User Info: Flintlock_Staff

2 years ago#5
Don't need to bump the topic fyi. It'll last forever if this board stays under a certain amount of topics

User Info: SkyLey

2 years ago#6
they said no new game in 25 years so nothing until 2037 lol

User Info: Cameron1058

2 years ago#7
Ive seen this idea before. Maybe a Sonic Adventure 2 based game where it’s Light vs Nature (or something). The players must choose a side and each of the two have different characters and quests that the player must go through while also fighting against the opposite side at times.

Light will have Pit and Magnus (or a new character introduced) as playable characters while Palutena guides them. Nature will have Dark Pit and Phosphora as playable characters while Viridi guides them. Viridi has the goal of exterminating the humans while Palutena wants to stop her.

Then in the end after both sides are played, there’s a final part where a greater threat is revealed (A brand new villain) and the sides must merge and team up against the villain. The villain could even taunt or be hinted to, to each side throughout the game to avoid being forced. Different gods and entities could even be introduced in the different story lines.

User Info: joegt123

2 years ago#8
Controls that aren't a joke.
"It was not for quiet complaicence he was given the name of 'Thunder God'."

User Info: SuperSynMusashi

1 year ago#9
I guess this isn't quite necrothreading if this board has been super quiet.

I'd probably vote sequel if we could get a game with most of the core cast but a new story and totally different gameplay.

If a remaster were made, I'd be delighted to watch a good Let's Play of it, but I wouldn't pick it up to play unless a few of my major gripes with the original were adjusted somehow.

User Info: aryacooloff

1 year ago#10
meow wow is best kh companion and this is an objective fact
"Bruce Lee didnt have anything to do with the 7 forms of lightsaber combat."_Angelalex242
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  3. What would you like to see in a new Kid Icarus game?
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