Passing on modifiers while fusing weapons?

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  3. Passing on modifiers while fusing weapons?

User Info: Dragonifiedxx

6 months ago#1
I have an Insight Staff with two ranged stars and one and a half stars in melee. The modifiers are as follow:
Weakening +3
Speed +4
Evasion +4
Melee dash attack +3
I want to pass on all of these modifiers while raising the stars in both melee and range, but so far I’ve had no luck. Does anyone have any tips for how to do this?

User Info: timo4142

6 months ago#2
Being a former player, the stats you get from fusion are generally random when you attempt to fuse. If you want to improve the item in exchange, you'll have to fuse to improve. As a former player, I'd recommend you not use Melee Dash Attack if you plan to do together mode, a lot of players could easily avoid that, so I recommend trading that stat away if you plan to use it for together mode.

User Info: The_Pup

6 months ago#3
It's not random. It's deterministic. It seems random because there are hidden (but known) values with fusion groups that weight how mods/stars are passed on.

Fusion calculator
Translated SOURCE: (copypaste into HTML file)

Also Melee Dash Attack is good in multiplayer. Learn to Manual Melee Dash Attack (dash, pull the control stick in the opposite direction while attacking) so you're less reliant on auto-targeted MDAs.

User Info: Dragonifiedxx

6 months ago#4
So what are those hidden values and how can I use them to increase the stars of my result?
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User Info: weare6789

5 months ago#6
You want to make another weapon with higher value and similar mods. For the most part fusing is a trial and error based approach. If one weapon won't make a desired product with the insight staff, then fuse it to alter it slightly and try again. Other high value modifiers like Overall defense+5-8 are also good at increasing value, but not being passed on. Try to avoid multiple low value mods to increase value.

I wouldn't worry about fusion groups, especially since you are making a mixed weapon (melee and ranged stars) Just keep the value high and random mods to a minimum.
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User Info: Dragonifiedxx

5 months ago#7
Alright, I do happen to have a weapon with OD +8, so I'll see how that works out.
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  3. Passing on modifiers while fusing weapons?

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