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User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#1
Kid Icarus: Uprising Gamefaqs Board Knowledge Compendium
v2.03 (last update: September 16, 2013) ===

SPOILER WARNING: I have put spoiler tags on anything I think is a major spoiler, but here’s another warning anyway.

*Any answer I am not 100% confident on will be marked with an asterisk (*). Take that information with a grain of salt. You can help everyone by verifying it. You are also welcome to retest any information.


Weapon Database:

Fusion tips:

High-Value Fusion Guide:

Fusion Calculator:

Weapon Value Calculator:

Damage Calculator:

Speed Values:

Japanese Wiki
(if you can’t read Japanese, google translate is your friend)

List of GameFAQs board players:

MC: Melee Combo
MDA: Melee Dash Attack
mMDA: manual Melee Dash Attack

SCF: Standing Cont. Fire
DCF: Dash Cont. Fire
FDCF: Forward Dash Cont. Fire
SDCF: Side Dash Cont. Fire
BDCF: Back Dash Cont. Fire

SCS: Standing Ch. Shot
DCS: Dash Ch. Shot
FDCS: Forward Dash Ch. Shot
SDCS: Side Dash Ch. Shot
BDCS: Back Dash Ch. Shot

ED: Effect Duration
EV: Evasion
FHB: Full Health Boost
HB: Heart Bonus
HP: Health
IA: Item Attack
IPAB: In-Peril Attack Boost
IPAD: In-Peril AutoDodge
KD: Knockback Defense
KR: Knockback Recovery
OD / SD / MD: Overall Defense / Shot Defense / Melee Defense
PA: Power Attack
RE: Recovery Effect
RS: Running Speed
SC: Shot Cancellation
SH: Shot Homing
SI: Self-injury
SP: Speed
SR: Shot Range if positive (SR+3), Status Resistance if negative (SR-4)
WS: Walking Speed

AA: Aries Armor
BB: BumbleBee
BI: Brief Invincibility
EC: Energy Charge
ER: Effect Recovery
HB: Homing Boost (or Heart Booster in Solo)
IDA: Instant Death Attack
LibrAries: Aries Armor + Libra Sponge
LW: Lightweight
PD: Playing Dead
QC: Quick Charge
RB: Reflect Barrier
SA: Super Armor
SS: Slip Shot (or Super Speed)
TO: Trade-off
(you don’t get a cookie for guessing why they are commonly abbreviated)

KIU: Kid Icarus Uprising
LvD: Light vs. Dark
FFA: Free-For-All

User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#2

Q: What is Kid Icarus: Uprising?
A: Kid Icarus: Uprising is a fast paced action game designed by Masahiro Sakurai, also known for the Kirby games and Super Smash Bros. series.
Storywise, it’s the sequel to the original Kid Icarus on the NES, though prior experience with the original series isn’t necessary to enjoy this game.
Its gameplay in single player is mainly divided between the flight portion, similar to on-rail shooters, e.g. Sin & Punishment or StarFox, and the ground portion, similar to a third-person shooter.
It has a competitive multiplayer based on the ground portion mechanics, for both local play and online. There are two main modes, Free-For-All (deathmatch) and Light vs. Dark (a variant of team deathmatch). Weapons obtained in single player can be used in multiplayer, and vise versa.

Q: Why should I get this game?
A: Rather than just tell you to get it, which you should, here are some reasons why:
1) It’s a game for hardcore gamers: you are rewarded for putting hours into this game, either in the form of more weapons for fusion, better weapons from fusion, or your own improvement in skills.
2) A huge variety of weapons: and I don’t just mean that there’s 108 weapons, which is a lot. Each of these can have different setups that work, as well as different powers you can pair them with. The most important part is that a lot of the different setups will yield good results, rather than just having one or two overpowered setups that everyone is saying you should use.
3) Funny (and cheesy) dialogue: normally I don’t like cheesy dialogue. But maybe it’s because it is delivered while I am also busy dodging shots and trying to kill enemies, so it really blends well with the fast action, a couple of missed dialogues aside.
4) A LOT of “achievements”: if you are into the whole “gotta get’em all” thing.

Q: Playing this game is giving me a hand cramp, HELP!!!
A: Here’s a great image showing you how you SHOULD be holding your 3DS when playing this game:
Basically try to get your right hand to support the system.
Alternatively, you can use the stand, or place a pillow on your lap and rest the system on top of the pillow.

Q: Why doesn’t this game have a twin-stick-control option with the Circle Pad Pro?
A: Shamelessly copied from Swagondile’s post in one of the topics:
"Adam Riley: If there had been more time for development, would you have liked to have further integrated the Circle Pad Pro into the game?
Sakurai-san: I presume you are referring to using the Circle Pad Pro for aiming. The length of the development time wasn’t the reason we weren’t able to do this.
From the early stages of development, Kid Icarus had been designed to get the maximum performance out of the Nintendo 3DS. We didn’t have enough left over processing and flexibility to allow the user to move the Circle Pad Pro independently. You could even say it is a miracle that we were even able to have it work in place of the other Circle Pad for the benefit of left handed players. I feel it is unfortunate how the Circle Pad Pro appearing towards the end of development ended up creating such a negative impression towards the controls. If we had both the processing power remaining and the time to implement it, then I think we would have. Still, as I’m sure you will agree if you are playing properly, someone using the Circle Pad would have no chance against someone using the high speed aiming on the Touch Screen."
For the full article, go here:

User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#3
Q: How can I cheat in this game or get really good weapons with no effort other than someone giving them to me?
A: As of this post no one has publicly revealed how to hack the 3DS. Some players were seen using seemingly hacked weapons (containing multiple negative mods for example), but it might have been a glitch.
Here is a picture of the “hacked“ weapon:
However it is possible to receive weapons from other players over the internet by abusing the Streetpass Relay exploit. There are also some tricks and glitches like weapon gem cloning which makes fusing perfect weapons much easier and a glitch which allows you to transfer your perfect mods and stars to any weapon you want.
You can find a detailed explanation of the Streetpass Relay exploit, gem cloning and the mod transferring glitch at the bottom of the WEAPONS section.

Q: What are some common jokes on this (KIU) board?
A: Most jokes come and go, but the persisting ones are v100 First Blade (Leo Cannon and Bomber Arm are sometimes mentioned as well) with Sky Jump is OP, Hewdraw Club with Hewdraw mods and Hewdraw value rated Hewdraw/10 and the Doom Cannon +3 mod obtainable in ch. 1 by taking a secret path right before the boss fight.

Q: What does offering hearts do?
A: It does nothing other than bring the goddess closer. No really, it does absolutely nothing else. Sakurai, the game designer, said so himself.

Q: What is everything in the Treasure Hunt?
A: Check the cheats section:

Q: How many idols are there?
A: 402 obtainable in-game. There are more from scanning AR cards, but they are not needed to unlock one of the Treasure Hunt achievements.

Q: My Idol Toss gives me 0% no matter how many eggs I add, even though I don’t have all the idols yet. HALP!!!
A: Most of the idols are unlocked in the Idol Toss as you complete each chapter.
Seven of the idols require you to have collected all the weapons (just possess it at least once in your file at any given time, no need to have them all at the same time).
Finally, 2 idols can only come from the Treasure Hunt board (and AR card I think). They are #71 “Medusa vs. Hades” (ch.25, make Medusa appear in 25s) and #73 “Final Strike” (100+ hits in the credit) .
Of course, you can always just scan AR cards. Where? Ask Google.

Q: How do I delete a save file?
A: Hold L while in the file selection screen, then follow the on-screen instructions.

User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#4
SOLO aka single player

Q: Do you get the hearts you bet in the Fiend's Cauldron back when you beat a chapter?
A: No, you don't.

Q: Do you get better loot for getting a higher score?
A: No, it only depends on the intensity.*

Q: What is crisis mode?
A: When you're almost dead in Solo mode, you'll enter it. Every time you get hit during it, you have a chance of getting finished, and the stronger the attack, the more likely it is that you'll get finished. If you don't get finished for a while in crisis mode, you'll go back to normal and recover a very small amount of health. You can enter crisis mode 3 times per chapter (credit goes to DracoXIV for verifying this).*

Q: How many hearts do I lose when I die?
A: You lose enough to lower how many you'll still get to as if you'd done the entire chapter up to that point on the lower intensity level.*

Q: How much does the intensity go down when I die?
A: Either 1.0 or the minimum of half of how much you are above 2.0 intensity, whichever is smaller. So if you're at 5.0 you'd go down to 4.0, but if you're at 2.5, you'd only go down to 2.2. Yes it rounds down what it puts you at afterwards. If you die on 2.0 or less the intensity doesn't change.

Q: Do you lose any loot when you die?
A: If you continue, then no, but if you retreat you'll only keep about half of it.

Q: What are all the score bonuses you can get at the end of levels?
A: No damage, full health, no death, cleared on each intensity, crisis averted, and defeated the boss using a melee dash attack.

Q: Do your weapon's stars and modifiers carry over onto other things like the Lightning Chariot and Great Sacred Treasure?
A: Yes, but they don't carry over to the Three Sacred Treasures, Magnus, or an Angel in multiplayer.

Q: How many chapters are there?
A: 25. There were originally going to be 3 more, but those got scrapped.

Q: How long does this game take to beat?
A: Around 15-20 hours for a single playthrough, but you'll want to play the stages many times and the multiplayer has insane replay value so you can easily find yourself coming back for hundreds of hours of this game.

Q: How do I get 100% on my save file profile?
A: Open every chest in every level; visit every zodiac chamber and claim its prize; get every single weapon at least once (you don’t have to possess all the weapons at the same time); get at least one level of every power.
However, there is actually 101% completion. To get it, simply unlock every panel in the Treasure Hunt boards. You can use feathers for this.

Q: Where are all the intensity gates?
A: Check the Gold Laurel FAQ:

User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#5
Q: How do I narrowly avoid shots?
A: While flying, you'll go into a glide if you don’t shoot for a moment. While in a glide, go really close to shots but don't get hit by them and you should get shots narrowly avoided.
Doing a spin dodge (done by moving the circle pad in one direction then quickly flicking it to the opposite direction) to reflect shots does not count as narrowly dodging a shot.

Q: I can’t beat chapter (X) on a higher intensity / intensity 9.0, HELP!!!
A: Learn to dodge better, memorize enemy patterns, use powers, and get a better weapon.
Regarding weapons, try to 1) increase ranged attack damage output (higher ranged stars and/or use mods that increase shot damage); 2) put an OD or SD mod on the weapon 3) get a recovery effect mod on the weapon; in this order of preference.
Regarding powers, Aries Armor or Super Armor help to reduce damage taken. Playing Dead is great for dealing with a gauntlet. If you don’t move after activating Playing Dead, you will remain invincible for a much longer period of time. Instant Death Attack is also great for taking down enemies very quickly, but it doesn’t work on some enemies (bosses, Clubber Skull, Reaper, Mimicutie, Lurchthorn, Dohz, Sio)*. If your weapon has Recovery effect +3/4, powers like Health Recovery and Pisces Heal can be good too.

Q: What's the most hearts you can acquire in a chapter?
A: Technically unlimited. You can keep dying and reobtaining the same hearts, and if it's on intensity 2.0, you don't lose any hearts when you die. The cap is 999,999 per chapter.

Q: What's the best way to farm weapons?
A: Play ch. 20 on 9.0. Ignore the chest inside the jail with the Pluton and Komayto, as well as the one you can get if you temporarily ignore the intensity 5 gate, as you are guaranteed to get 3 weapons (weapon limit) from the other chests and the two chests mentioned above are too risky or give lower value drops respectively. Get all the other chests. You must not die until you open the intensity 8 gate, as that’s guaranteed to be a weapon.
If you really don’t want to, ch. 5 is a distant 2nd best choice, or run through ch. 1 at intensity 2 and just hope the shop gives you something good.

User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#6
Q: What's the best way to farm hearts?
A: Ch. 1, 3, 11, and 20 are all great levels to farm for hearts in Solo, however the absolute fastest way to farm hearts is by killing lv. 1 bots with an Upperdash Arm in FFA.

The ideal Upperdash Arm for this method should have 6M/0R, MDA+4, RS+4, IPAB+6 and ED+4 with the powers Trade-off Lv. 4, Lightweight Lv. 2 and Energy Charge Lv. 2.
Create a FFA room in Nearby with 6 players. Choose the stage Small Arena, time limit 1 min., items none, CPU difficulty 1, handicap Manual and CPU handicap 10%. Then start the match with your Upperdash Arm, activate Energy Charge first, then Lightweight and finally Trade-off and start killing as many bots as fast as you can with your MDA. Just remember that you need to kill at least 2 other bots before you can kill the same bot again because of the invincibility frames they get after respawning. With this method it is possible to earn over 20 000 hearts in one minute making it the fastest known way to farm hearts in the game.
Heart bonus +3 and Heart Booster have no effect on the hearts earned which are only affected by the overkill damage you deal. That is why a weapon dealing 1981.3 damage per MDA is used even though the bots have only 22 health (after 10% handicap).
Here is a video showing how this method works (14 029 hearts):
(credit goes to someonewhodied1)

For Ch. 1, here is a great video showing how to farm the maximum hearts:
(credit goes to someonewhodied1)

For Ch. 11, here are the places to use Heart Booster to maximize heart earning (weapons with Heart bonus +3 and the power Heart Booster are highly recommended):
1st use: On a Toxiecap (toxic mushroom enemy) in front of a treasure chest. Kill it and quickly kill the Rare Treasurefish that spawns behind you for a load of hearts. Kill as many enemies as possible before it wears off.
2nd use: On the Boom Stomper (giant rock enemy) you face after getting the Aether Ring. Try to kill all enemies there with HB active (the giant rock enemy is the most important).
3rd use: On another Toxiecap (toxic mushroom) at the beginning of the maze (take the jump pad). Kill it and the surrounding enemies.
4th use: Within the maze there is a Souflee, so use it on that and kill the nearby enemies. Also make sure to kill the Lurchthorn (the flying fish bone that has a body made of cannons) before HB runs out.
5th use: Finally use it on another Boom Stomper (giant rock enemy) in the final ambush before Cragalanche. Make sure to kill two Bladers (bird with blade wing) that spawn at the same time as the giant rock. (credit goes to ShadowSlash17)

For Ch. 20, here’s a great video showing where to use your Heart Booster:
(credit goes to someonewhodied1)
However there is a mistake in the description. The last chest has a 100% weapon drop rate as long as you have less than 3 weapons so skip it only if you already found 3 weapons in previous chests.
In case your weapon does not have Effect duration +4, watch this video instead:
(credit goes to TheAtmaWeapon)

User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#7
Q: What makes weapons in the shop be on sale?
A: It's random.

Q: What refreshes the shop?
A: Clearing any chapter or clearing Boss Battle always refreshes it, and each Together mode match has a chance to refresh it.

Q: There’s a weapon I want to buy, but I don’t have enough hearts. How can I earn hearts without refreshing the shop?
A: Grind up any weapons you don’t need.
The Monoeye in the Practice Range also gives hearts, just get a weapon with Heart bonus +3, then use Heart Booster and Instant Death Attack to earn 61 hearts per kill. Be warned that the Monoeye will stop giving out hearts after 10 deaths. Incidentally, the Monoeye dummy has exactly 510.7 HP.
You can also play ch. 20 on intensity 2.0. Use a weapon with Heart bonus +3, the power Heart Booster, Trade-Off and 2 other random powers you can apply to Pit (status effect powers are great for this). Shortly after the start of the land portion, you’ll get to a room with 6 pillars and a Centurion Strongarm. The two pillars on your right contain hearts when you destroy them. Activating Heart Booster before destroying the pillar will make the pillar drop more hearts. Make sure you collect the hearts from one pillar before destroying the other one, otherwise the 2nd one won’t spawn any hearts. After that, get killed by the Strongarm and restart from the beginning of the land portion (activate TO, then erase its effect by activating 3 other powers). Since you are at intensity 2.0, your heart count won’t decrease at all. Just repeatedly destroy the pillars until you get bored or you have enough hearts.
Alternatively, just play on any level you like and die on the boss or something, then choose “Return to menu“. As long as you survive the majority of the level, you should earn more hearts than you place in the Cauldron, even after the heart decrease due to dying.
WARNING: You MUST quit the level at the “I’m finished” screen. Choosing “Retreat“ in the pause menu will get you absolutely nothing, and you will still lose the hearts you bet in the Cauldron.

Q: Why can't I beat Aurum Pyrrhon in ch. 17?
A: Destroy the green spheres on the walls first.

Q: A weapon/power dropped while I was in the hot spring. Does this happen to every hot spring?
A: Only the hot spring in ch. 19 will have a weapon appearing after waiting for 7 seconds. Ch. 8 also drops a chest, but it contains only hearts. Ch. 11 has a chest that’s just there.

Q: What do Plutons steal from you?
A: A random weapon you've collected on your current run of the level. They can't steal from your inventory.

Q: Do I get to play as anyone other than Pit?
A: Dark Pit and Magnus.

User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#8
TOGETHER aka multiplayer

Q: I don’t have any friends... who have a 3DS. How do I complete any of the “Nearby” Treasure Hunt panels?
A: You can play “Nearby” matches with bots. Just start a match and select “Move Out!“. The match will start with bots in place. Now you can continue to be “forever alone”.

Q: How do I get better rewards online?
A: You get better rewards the more points you get, the more human players are in the match, and the more of them that are registered friends. It also seems like you probably get more the further you are in singleplayer.*

Q: What are all the possible multiplayer rewards?
A: Weapons, powers, hearts, and idols.

Q: How is the stage selected when I play “With Anyone” in Together mode?
A: It's random except that it's never the Large or Small Arena stage.

Q: Is there a way to play a match with both friends and randoms?
A: Not really, only if you got lucky and were placed in the same random room as your friends. Searching at the same time as your friends helps.

Q: How much health does a character get online?
A: A fighter in multiplayer has exactly 220.1 health.

Q: Does a player`s health increase when they die?
A: In LvD it doesn`t increase no matter how many times you die but in FFA you get a 30% health increase (around 286.8 total health) after your second death. Your health will not increase any further when you die more, instead you`ll always respawn with the same 30% health increase. This bonus is independent from your kill/death ratio, your points or the way you died so you`ll get it even if you are winning or if you suicide twice at the start of the match.
And as a bonus your status resistance increases by 30% as well.

Q: How much health does the Angel have in Together mode?
A: Roughly 600.

Q: What is each LvD team's lifebar set to in random online LvD matches?
A: 900.

Q: What modifiers do the Angel's weapons have in Together mode?
A: None, but the Angel does have increased health, speed and attack power.

Q: Does the Angel lose health when his teammates die?
A: Yes, but the Angel cannot die from it. He loses more health the higher the value of the weapon his teammate had that died. However only a fraction of the weapon`s value is subtracted from his health.

Q: I did over 220.1 damage to the Monoeye in the Practice Range, and yet my weapon still did not kill anyone in one hit. How is that possible?
A: Try practicing on the dummy before a Together mode match starts. Some weapons will hit a different number of times or knock opponents into the air, thus causing less damage.

Q: What determines how many powers you get back when you respawn in Together mode?
A: It is determined by your weapon value, with higher value giving back more powers. Weapons with value above 273 are guaranteed to get at least one use back of every power they have equipped except for Trade-off and Spite which can only be used once per match.

Q: How does the scoring work in Together mode?
A: When a player is defeated, whoever delivered the killing blow gets a score equal to 2/3 of the defeated weapon’s value, and whoever delivered the most damage to that player gets 1/3 of his weapon’s value. When you are defeated or use Spite, you lose 1/6 of your own weapon’s value. If you suicide, you lose 1/2 of your own weapon’s value. At the end of the match, you also get 10 extra points for every kill you made. Your score can never be negative at any given point.

User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#9
Q: Why do my attacks go through enemies?
or Q: Why do players walk outside of the stage?
or Q: Why didn't the match end when the Angel was defeated?
or Q: Why did a player die before the match even started?
or Q: Why did it take so long for a player to respawn?

A: Lag.

Q: Someone cheated and moved across the entire map almost instantly!?
A: People have not found a way to cheat and do such a thing as of this post. However, with Brawler Claws, Running speed +4 and either the Lightweight or Super Speed power, I'm sure people could have made it look like they were cheating since they'd be able to move so fast.
It also could have just been lag or the power Warp.

Q: How do you tell who is a bot before the match starts?
A: Look at the check marks on both teams. Any slots that still do not show up as check marks at the very last possible moment before the battle starts generally get filled in with bots, but if it's laggy enough they can sometimes be human players. If a player leaves during a game they are also replaced by a bot. You can't tell when this happens except that they act like a bot. Anyone you ever see with a name longer than 8 characters also has to be a bot since you can't use more than 8 characters.

Q: What are all the bot names?
A: A list of the US bots can be found here:
Here’s a list of the JP bots:
click on the + sign right under “CP blah blah blah”.
Presumably there are other language bot names which you can sometimes see online when playing with people from other countries. I don’t have a complete list of these, but I have seen some Spanish names such as TresLeches and Berenjena. TresLeches means, "Three milks" which is a popular thing in Mexico, so it does seem there are region-specific bot names, but I have noticed that some bot names, such as Rainbow, do have an equivalent in each language.

Q: What is the bot difficulty set to online?
A: Probably level 5.

Q: What are all those weird symbols in the Together menu?
A: Kill counts. Small green swords are 1, larger light blue swords are 10, crossed dark blue swords are 100, purple stars are 1000, orange gems are 10 000 and emerald bows are 100 000*. There might be more.

User Info: MartinAW4

4 years ago#10

Q: Where can I find (insert weapon here)?
A: You can find any weapon you've unlocked in any level. Some levels are more likely to drop certain weapons. For a list, check the fusion FAQ:

Q: I got a ? weapon gem, what is it and what should I do with it?
A: It's a weapon gem for a weapon you haven't unlocked yet. Keep it until you unlock said weapon.

Q: What are the best modifiers?
A: Completely depends on the weapon and how you plan to use it. But generally the most commonly used mods are SR+3, SH+3, DCS+4, FHB+6, SCF+4, DCF+4, Evasion +4, WS+4, RS+4, IPAB-4, MD-2, OD-4 for ranged weapons and MC+4, Speed +4, SD+4, Health +6, Evasion +4, Freezing/Petrification +4, MDA+4, DCS-2 for melee weapons.

Q: How many weapons can you carry?
A: 1000. Any new weapons obtained in multiplayer will be grinded into hearts on the spot and whenever you obtain a new weapon in Solo, you will get the option to grind one of the weapons you have to make room for the new weapon.

Q: Is there a way to “favorite” a weapon?
A: When you are viewing your weapon in the gear menu, you can tap on the faded star on the left side of the weapon to set it on “prefer”. Weapons set on “prefer” will always be on the top of your list, including in the fusion menu, and will not appear in the weapon grinding menu.

Q: What's the best weapon?
A: That depends on your playstyle, stage, chapter and mode (Solo/Together) you are playing.
For Solo, SCF Artillery Claws are generally considered to be the best weapon overall, but Rose/Laser/Flintlock Staff, Aurum Palm, Boom Orbitars, Compact Arm (especially in air sections), Bullet Blade and Darkness Bow are also great.
As for Together mode, there are tons of good options.
To get an idea about which weapons are considered good or bad in LvD, here is a topic discussing weapon tiers:

Q: Which weapons should I keep versus convert into hearts?
A: I recommend you keep the ones that have only stars in one category, any extremely low value ones, extremely high value ones and ones that have modifiers you want. If you do well in battle with a weapon you'll also want to keep it.

Q: What does a weapon’s value indicate?
A: Each star and modifier level has a corresponding value attached to it. A weapon’s value is just the total value of all the stars and mods, plus 100.

Q: What's the highest value weapon you can obtain?
A: 342 is the highest confirmed, but they're extremely rare. 341, while still rare, is disproportionately more common.
Here is a picture of a 342 value weapon (credit goes to Simple_Problem):

Q: What's the lowest weapon value?
A: 100.
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