If shot speed was a modifier...

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User Info: LysanderxX

5 years ago#21
Haha, I like that idea.
You should try being a Pokemon

User Info: yaomon17

5 years ago#22
Daedalus_Incom posted...
If Flintlock feels like hitscan to you, you're not sniping from far enough

Well you usually won't have to lead if you are sniping at the ends of dashes like you are suppose to. :\
Then again, lag makes the travel time like 2 seconds.
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User Info: danmiy12

5 years ago#23
I cant imagine this on an altas club or staffs that arent instant hit like lancer and thantos staff...

this will break them really easily this mod should probably come at a really high value cost for it to be balanced...
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  3. If shot speed was a modifier...

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