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  3. What it would take to create a new server

User Info: BamBoOzeLeR

1 month ago#1
I asked the developers of wiimmfi (the servers that run mk Wii and a few other games now) if creating a server for GE would be possible. Here is their response.

https://gamefaqs1.cbsistatic.com/user_image/8/7/9/AAdRbgAAALsH.jpg https://gamefaqs1.cbsistatic.com/user_image/8/9/0/AAdRbgAAALsS.jpg

Been BamBoOzeLinG nuggets since 2K 17.
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User Info: DarxWingDuck

1 month ago#2

My the lag be ever in your favor.

User Info: ProudlyHated74

1 month ago#3
GT: Astral Ocean V

User Info: DREAIYIzZz

1 month ago#4
I'm a software developer, but I've only ever coded lc2k and arm assembly for a single college cs course. I'm also just busy. Otherwise I'd give it a half-hearted try, but would probably fail anyways.
Software Developer
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  3. What it would take to create a new server
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