Silenced Ivana> ACOG strata

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User Info: Gareth_HTAFC

3 months ago#11
Silenced Terralite was pretty good too
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User Info: DarxWingDuck

3 months ago#12
Attachment is all preference, they're all good in their own ways.

I always liked the silencer on just about everything

User Info: DaMudderBurd

3 months ago#13
Silencer be for weaklings and laser be for abnoxious scrubs. MudderBurd uses only laser and silencer, attachments of a king.
KingofThunder,bringingwonder,heemspeaktruthsandneverblunders. allwhoseektoundermineheemstalent,skill,anddivinekingdomwillbeshown

User Info: Johnny_Utah_

3 months ago#14
RC-P90 ftw
You're not as good/bad as you think you are, and the reason is lag.

User Info: GameboyTroy

2 months ago#15
Gareth_HTAFC posted...
Silenced Terralite was pretty good too

This with HH is even better.
goldie1967 posted...
Without the silencer the ivana is just a very good sex toy.

And nobody is lovin' the silenced strata...... ya'll are bonkers !

Silenced strata with hi cap is very good.
Megaloshi posted...
Laser Strata

Laser Strata with HH might do more damage.
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