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User Info: Unstops

6 months ago#1
I used to play this game back in the day and recently bought it again to play campaign. Surprised to see the servers are still up. Team Conflict at any time has at least one lobby running from my experience. I want to enjoy the online fully before the servers are no more. Looking for someone that can get me to level 56. I will PayPal for the troubles. My availability right now is pretty open due to Hurricane Irma. Also, if anyone wants to add me, we can get some games in.

Friend Code: 4493-8266-7901
PS4/360: xUnstops

User Info: Joker694

6 months ago#2
Meet me in region Pompeii. I superboosty you so good

User Info: Justified2343

6 months ago#3
Joker694 posted...
Meet me in region Pompeii. I superboosty you so good

Are you cheating on me ??
This game is and will always be about buckets.
Co founder of the pwn clan and a certified pwnstar. #yusti

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