Hi Merk - I'm Back!

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User Info: Clan_Killer

6 months ago#1
Hey Merk! Guess who is back?!

That's right, your old pal The Clan Killer!

How's it going? How's life? The family? Good I hope.

I see you are still a rage quitter, guess some things never change. Had to borrow Void's name last night just to antagonize you a bit. I saw it made you mad, how did that work out for you?

Are you all that is left of the glorious &.Clan? Where are all the other &.Bois? I was really hoping they would be around so we could mix it up again, especially Void and Virus. They were so much fun.

Oh well, maybe you can get them back together for old times sake.

See ya around buddy!

User Info: ProudlyHated74

6 months ago#2
both void and virus were 30 dommed by THE CLAN and thus their Wii's subsequently exploded in shame. RIP
GT: Astral Ocean V

User Info: halfamilvic

6 months ago#3
& clan was never any COMP. They skyped with Wii motes , silent ivanas and were still trash. They just upload 20 videos out 5000 when they performed well.
You have been defeated by THE GAME, not me the actual game. SCRUBS!

User Info: MERKOZ

6 months ago#4
Clan Killer, Hello!
Don't remember the games but I'm sure you were killin it. lol

User Info: Doesithurt

6 months ago#5
You got the hax!!!!
Just played with/against you.
your shooting only 2 or 3 bullets killing people across jungle
your walking thru proxies
map hax

Should be ashamed of yourself fot even posting
"DoesItHurt"/ "ComeGetSum"/ "GoonieGooGoo"/ "Grassy Knoll'/ "That's 10!"
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