Why do you still play online PVP?

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6 months ago#11
To destroy Chin who plays(and whines I might add) like a child to make up for his ineptitude in this game.

User Info: THECHIN

6 months ago#12

1: Its THE Chin
2: What whining do you speak of? If speaking poorly of quitters is whining, then yes, I whine. Losses and wins should both be counted.
3: If I am inept, what does that make a player who quits when I beat them?

User Info: A51_Trooper

6 months ago#13
I love playing this game. It's so much fun!
A51 Trooper: 5099 8437 3822

User Info: tk_v

6 months ago#14
I play for the abuse
The lag, host quits, the spam, hell yeah
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  3. Why do you still play online PVP?

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