How Do You Defend Natalya?

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User Info: Matress_Of_Evil

7 years ago#1

Hey everyone, i'm really stuck on this game, so i'd like some advice. I've spent the last 8 hours trying to complete this one mission, and i've spent a couple of hours over the previous few days doing it too, but I still can't do it.

90% of the time i'm killed by the constant waves of enemies. They keep appearing from nowhere and the radar is absolutely useless. Enemies can be standing next to me and in my line of sight and they still don't show up, so I usually end up being shot from behind without even knowing an enemy was there. Or even worse, I can't see an enemy because the big wall of fire thing is simply so bright that I can't see anything.

Natalya has managed to make it as far as the third computer though, but only for us both to be killed by the big wall of fire as it slowly spreads across the room. Why doesn't she stop the Goldeneye in time so we can escape? Am I supposed to be doing something other than killing the enemies to help her?

I've looked at walkthrough guides and none of them even mention the wall of fire. Some of them say to hide behind tables that I can't find, or say that you can go into the elevator - but there's no elevator in the room. All of the doors are locked, so i'm really confused as to what is going on. It's almost like i'm playing a different game. I'm really confused about this mission. Can someone please explain how they managed to complete it? God knows how you're supposed to do it on any of the harder difficulty settings!

User Info: Pineconn

7 years ago#2
All you have to do is kill all of the enemies as quickly as possible. As you've noticed, there are three stages. Kill them as quickly as possible, really. You may be missing an enemy in the third stage, so look for him/them.
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User Info: Matress_Of_Evil

7 years ago#3

That's it? I thought the enemies just constantly run at you until Natalya took out the Goldeneye, not the other way around. I prefer to hide and wait for the enemies to come at me. Going after the enemies only gets me killed, especially since the wall of fire is so blindingly bright.

User Info: 1StinkFinger1

7 years ago#4
Just keep on shooting. Kill any enemy you see. She respawns health after each terminal.
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

7 years ago#5
From doing this level a bunch of times, I've noticed that she'll ONLY head to the next terminal when you're actually near her, regardless of how many enemies you've killed. It seems to be more time-based as well, and you can hear her screaming at the terminal as well, so when she says something along the lines of "Ugh, this one's useless!" head back to her. At that point, enemies seem to stop respawning, and once the last of them are dead, she should start moving once you're close to her.

As for Alec's portal to Hell, if it appears before you've moved on to terminal #2 or shortly after, just restart. And on the third and final console, stay behind Natalya and all of the enemies should stay on the opposite side. As the wall it is gets closer, it'll kill all of the enemies in its path and as soon as she's done with console #3, it just magically and instantly vanishes...lolwut? Anyway, that's all there is it to it.

User Info: eminydax

7 years ago#6
1. Use ADS Snap to find and quickly dispose of enemie (repeatedly press Z)
2. At the 2nd console, there are about 4 enemies that are on those pedestals near the terminal, go for them.
3. In my expeience, it's better (quicker AND safer) to stay in one place and let the AI come instead of hunting them down
4. HOWEVER If you are on one side of the room when Natalya advances to the next console, the enemies will usually spawn on the opposite side of the room. If you time it right, you can run over and take out quite a bunch at once near the door they're coming from. But that's tricky, so better stay in one place near Natalya and keep tapping Z to lock on to enemies. Also, stay near a wall where you can hide to regenerate just in case
5. In my experience, it doesn't matter whether you are near her or not. Once the dudes are gone, she'll move on.
6. Try changing the fire mode (d-up on default). Helps you conserve ammunition and makes reloading less of an Issue.
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User Info: pnkwag

7 years ago#7
I had a lot of trouble with that level too.

You need to learn the spawn points for the waves of enemies, but also realize that they come out of different ones depending upon where you are.

If you're camping in front of one of the doors they come out they'll come down the ladders instead. You need to fake them out a little. Wait somewhere else until the first one appears, then rush over there and mow them down as they pop out.

Just keep doing it and learn the patterns. They usually go to the same spots.

In regards to the wall of fire, what i found helps is by the time you reach the third console, turn your brightness to about halfway on the screen settings. Makes them easier to see.

But like everyone else is saying, you just need to kill all the enemies. It may seem like an endless wave, but it's not.

They will stop eventually. Took me about 10-15 tries to beat it the fist time.

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User Info: RainingMetal

7 years ago#8
Keep an eye on the radar for any enemies you may have missed.
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